Naru Narusegawa Needs to Chill

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Naru, I don't hate you.

Love Hina was a pretty good show, and a really great manga. I have fond memories of both.

Just...perhaps not the fondest memories of the lead love interest.

Well okay, perhaps I should clarify. Within the pages of Ken Akamatsu's hit harem manga, you're actually a pretty good character, largely because you develop and grow as a person throughout. Though initially abrasive and totally tsundere towards our poor protagonist Keitaro, the relationship becomes closer and more tender over time.

Unfortunately, things aren't quite so well rounded in the anime.

Look, I'm not saying that if a guy accidentally wandered in on me while I was taking a bath I wouldn't be at least medium-level horrified, I'm just saying that violence isn't always the answer, Naru.

There's something to be said for civility, especially in this day and age. Opening dialogue with people can do so much to help us progress as a species.

Punching them into oblivion, wouldn't be my preferred strategy.

I mean I'll give credit where it's due, those are some fluidly animated punches you've got there, and I'm all for the 'Team Rocket's blasting off' aesthetic you're going for. That's a hell of a swing too, though it might be better suited for the Kiras or the Shou Tuckers of the world rather than your relatively passive roommate.

In conclusion, Naru, I think you could use a few extra onsen episodes.

Just make sure Keitaro definitely knows where the men go.


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