Look to the sky...


Originally written in 2015/2016, experience the Horizon Trilogy in its entirety.






In a world divided between Chaos and Peace, a stirring in the air suggests that war may happen again.


Lynae Haen lives a simple life in her seaside town, until the arrival of something sinister on those shores, and a mysterious woman who urges her to join the elusive 'Aero Division'. 

Confronted by her own past and power, she must decide. Whether to stay, or whether to fight.


For by her own hand, she may be able to save everyone...






A crystal pillar rises, and graces the Glass Moon. The world of Whirl below holds its breath, as war begins all over again.


In the midst of it all, the Aero Division continue their fight. For the sake of those they have lost, and those they might find again...






Two years have passed. 

A New War has come, but still the world proceeds. From Sky Pirates to Dogmen, the Aero Division and its allies persist, despite their losses.


Yet the days grow darker still.


For you can't always trust everyone.

Sometimes, your greatest enemy, may even be yourself...

Horizon Trilogy Collection

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