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You seduced him.

Every stroke of your blade against the ice. Every swing and slip of your leg. Every breathless expression on your beautiful face.


Yet that seduction was not intentional. Far from it.

All you cared about was skating as well as you possibly could. Impressing the judges, winning whatever competition you were in, and ultimately that was all your life revolved around right now. While you were still in your peak you intended to shine, but not for anyone in particular.

Not even for Victor.

That was just what he saw. Somehow, in that silver-haired head of his, he'd planted and tended to the idea that you must be the one for him. Nobody else, and it distorted and twisted all his sensibility. He became obsessed with the idea of you, and only wished to possess you like you possessed the ice beneath your graceful feet.

After every program he only fell deeper and deeper into that cold and twisted insanity. When he saw you so much as congratulate another contestant he'd bite down hard on the tip of his thumb and gnaw ceaselessly at his pallid skin, sharp blue eyes staring dead at all whom he saw as opponents.

They were. They were just competition to be eliminated.

He saw fit that it happened. 'Drop outs' started to occur, natural at first but it reached an alarming rate soon enough, and rumors began to spread in the skating world of a frigid killer, a shadowed figure who would sneak up on those practicing late at any rink alone, slicing their necks to ribbons and leaving the ice stained in crimson.

You tried not to worry about that. With the Grand Prix Final coming up, all that mattered was making it to the end and standing in between whoever else was lucky enough. As long as you were in the middle, that was all you cared about.

So you too, would take to the ice during the night, and skate gracefully upon it, gliding weightlessly in the silence and appreciating the peace of being alone.

At least, you thought you were.

After finishing your evening routine, you slowed to a dramatic stop, arms raised high and head tilted back. When you closed your eyes you could imagine it. The sound of clapping and cheering, a victorious din of support.

Yet piercing through that fanciful thought, you heard something distinctly real, and quickly looked around in time to see his first step onto the ice.


As swan-like as ever, he skated over to your side with a gorgeous gait, reaching you smoothly. His jacket was settled loosely around his shoulders, but his slender body still showed itself finely enough. Those azure eyes of his were certainly captivating, that much you couldn't deny.

“I'm sorry if I frightened you, [Y/N]. I just saw you here and couldn't resist. You've come so far, improved so much...”

Without warning, his hand slipped up to your cheek and held itself there. Startlingly, his palm felt colder than the ice itself.

“I'm so proud of you.”

When he said that, you couldn't help but feel a little flutter in your heart. It was easy to push down though, when you were so fixated on claiming victory. Just a case of remembering what mattered most here. Romance could wait. Love could stand aside until you saw this through.

Victor though...he was not so deterred. In his near delirious state, his cheeks started to flush, and the gap between you shrank when his hand pinched your chin instead.

“V-Victor, what are you-!?”

His lips stole yours before you could finish.

Vanilla. That was the taste of it.

Pleasant. Soft.

But wrong! You didn't need this right now!

Quickly, before he could deepen it, you shoved him back. Or at least, you tried to. What you swiftly realized was how firm his hand was against your back, and how his other came to snag your wrist and squeeze it, preventing you from going anywhere or pushing him again.



Your experiences differed wildly. For him it was the ultimate expression of his love, a finale moment he had been waiting to show you. For you, it was far too much, far too soon, and all at the wrong time.

Anger welled within you, and before you knew it, it had taken over. With a sharp jerk of your hand you managed to free yourself, jerk your head back, and quickly send your palm shooting for his cheek before he could try and kiss you again.


It resonated momentously through the skating rink. Such a dead place allowed even the tiniest sound to carry widely. Your attack was like an atom bomb.

His head was thrown entirely to the side, hair disheveled across his eyeline. Seeing him like this was momentarily frightening, but you shook off that feeling. Just because you couldn't see his eyes, that was all. You were sure he was probably welling up and feeling guilty right now, no?


As it turned out, you were very wrong about that. For when Victor finally looked at you again, his frozen gaze was so hollow that you couldn't breathe for a moment. Not once had you ever seen this kind of fury, barely contained.


Wordlessly, his hand reached up to his own face and touched the still stinging patch you had left in your furious wake. With a slight tilt of his head, he took one sharp step towards you, causing you to stagger back a little. Then another.

“...After all I've done for you. After all my sacrifices. All the blood I've shed to keep you away from them. But there's still someone else, isn't there?”

His hands snatched your arms before you could turn heel, and you yelped:

“V-Victor what are you talking about, what are you doing!? Let me go!!”

In response he only dug his nails deeper, making you wince.

“Or...perhaps it's something else. You care more about winning gold than you care about me, isn't that right?”

That calmly posed question made your heart plummet. That nauseous feeling only came so strongly because you knew, deep down, he was right. 

It was true.

You did.

“...I...I just want to fulfil my dream, Victor. of all people must understand that!”

He leaned in closer.

“Oh? Then why did you tease me so much? Why did you dance for me like that when you were never going to give me anything more?”

“I-I don't know what you're talking about!”

“You do.”

Suddenly, he made you gasp. His hands worked their way down your back and around your thighs, caressing your body from top to toe. Every inch of you turned flustered, and your lip trembled slightly as his face hovered over yours, his hooded eyes giving you a sultry look.

“How could you expect me to look at this body, this form, and not feel that way? You're a little siren who made me fall in love with you...”

He bit his lip and tugged it, before suddenly forcing his mouth onto yours again. Trying to pull away only netted you two hands in your hair, pulling on it whenever you resisted. If he wanted more he just had to tug a strand, and your gasping maw would give way to his tongue.

When he finally pulled back again he was panting just as much as you were, but out of lust rather than fear. That wavering smile cracked open.

“Now...take responsibility.” 

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