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“G-go on. it.”

Toko wasn't especially big, but the way she was absolutely looming over you in that moment was just a little bit intimidating. 

Okay, it was supremely intimidating.

You could feel every time she breathed. Practically imagine that crazed look in her eyes, framed by those glasses she always looked so flustered behind. Of course, Toko being Toko, she was always a bit off kilter, period.

Around you though, it was like everything got amped to a million. She was unable to stand still beside your chair as you worked your way through her mini manuscript. A novella she'd apparently written with you in mind, something she made sure to elaborate on by uttering in your ear:

“The main character you...basically based them on you...everything about you...”

Her voice was almost a whisper. It was like she was...panting every word. Her cheeks were mercury.

“D-do you like it? I...I created everything to be to your tastes...”

How she knew what those were, you didn't know, but you could at least say it was written well. The part that threw you off was, well...everything else about it.

This protagonist really was a bit like looking in a mirror of prose, and you didn't like that. It was weird, honestly. How did she nail so many details about you, and yet create something so drastically different at the same time?

To say nothing of the love interest. Long dark pigtails, an impossibly beautiful face, glasses that shone like the moon, yes...that sounded somewhat familiar.


“It's...good, Toko.”

“...Just good?” she questioned suddenly, and recoiled, her face contorting. You turned in your chair quickly, aiming for damage control after hearing her tone.

“I mean that sincerely! You're very talented!”

“B-but you don't like it! that it!?”

Toko suddenly bit the tip of her thumb, and you gasped seeing it bleed.


She jerked her hand away with a sharp rip, widening the wound and splattering blood on the open pages.

“You hate me right!? You can't st—stand me!!”

“That's not true!” you insisted, quickly standing up in front of her, but she shook her head frantically, and backed away by a few more steps. Her left eye twitched, her hands working their ways over her elbows like she wasn't sure where to put them, like she wanted to rip her own limbs off.


She screeched, then quivered and lowered her head, gripping herself even harder.

“ don't like the main character...a-and you don't like the love interest either, right!?”

“Toko that's-” you hesitated. This was awkward,“-It's well written, like I said's just strange because they remind me of us and...I...I'm just not used to that, that's all-”


She gripped her own pigtails and tugged them fiercely, baring her teeth like a feral cat, “ hate hate them...fine! FINE!”

Suddenly, her hands dropped. They hung limply by her sides, and her head raised slowly. From behind those glasses you saw darker eyes than before, and swore you could see a wide smirk tempting her lips.

“...Fine. Then I'll make a character you'll really like...”

She twitched again. Toko came closer.

“A villain. Everyone loves a good villain.”

The gap between you shrank, and metal glimmered in her hand. Something sharp pressed itself beside your neck as she brought her figure to yours.

That voice was in your ear again. Not nearly as small as before.

“That's a fucking great idea, don't you think?”

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