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You were still bewildered.

Like an ice statue, you remained frozen upon the ground, unable to move a muscle.

One minute, Hide had been walking ahead of you. The next, he'd been booted aside into a nearby alleyway with one swift kick of Nishiki's shoe. You thought this was a guy you could trust. As it turned out, this upperclassman was far more dangerous than you could have ever imagined.


Like it suddenly hit you full force, you dropped the sweet taiyaki snack you were eating and raced into the darkness where you had heard him clatter and clang.


You found him, slumped over and unconscious right at the back of the alleyway. This was the worst place for either of you to be right now, considering Nishiki had just shown his true colors (his true form would be another matter though), and you did your best to try and lift him up with you. Sadly though, you lacked the strength to pull it off, and you only ended up sinking down with him.

So instead, you tried to wake him up. Your hands desperately pawed at his face, noting the blood that was starting to flow down from the wound upon his forehead, and you ended up clutching both his shoulders and leaning over him tearfully.

“H-Hide you have to wake up, PLEASE!


“Ahh~ what an adorable sight. Look at you. He's obviously not waking up, so why don't you just give up?”

Nishiki came to a stop only a meter or so behind the two of you, and you turned around slowly to look up at him, crouching over Hide's limp body in some sort of tearful defensive position.

“St...stay away from hi...” you couldn't even finish your sentence, it was squeaked out to such a degree that it ended up tapering off into a high-pitched little wheeze. Nishiki only laughed cruelly as he heard it, and calmly stepped closer still.

“Do you really think you'd stand a chance if you tried to fight back against me? Don't make me laugh, [Y/N]...” he crouched down suddenly, making you recoil. Before you could properly back away and run though, one of his hands shot out and snatched your wrist.


“Shut up.” he squeezed it firmly when you gasped, and pulled himself even closer to you, to the point where you were practically nose to nose and his glasses seemed like they weren't even there.

“I don't know why you care so much about that squirrelly little runt, really. He's completely useless. How could you fall in love with such a worthless guy?”

You sniffed, managing to shake your head even while you trembled in his clutch. “B-because...h...he's kind...he's a good person!”

“Hah! A good really are so naïve.” Nishiki just smirked darkly, before suddenly starting to stand, and he ended up bringing you with him. You yelped as both your arms were pulled up above your head now, and he clutched your wrists together in just one of his own hands. Dangling off the ground like a doll, you hung before him helplessly while he studied you.

“You didn't suspect me, after all. Like an idiot you followed along, even let me buy you food without knowing if I'd laced it with anything. You should have abandoned this asshole and ran while you had the chance, but no. I guess I'll just have to change your opinions myself then...”

Eyes widening, you whimpered as his free hand cupped your cheek and he came a little closer. Nishiki leaned in, lips parting readily, but you turned your panting head at the last second.


Instantly, his brow furrowed deeply.

“Now this kind of thing really pisses me off, [Y/N]. I'm trying to show you what's good for you, and yet you're rejecting it. I might have to kill you if you keep this up.”

You paled instantly.

“Or maybe...” his eyes cast aside towards Hide, in a creepily calm manner, “...Your boyfriend can be the first to go...”

At first, Nishiki had considered keeping his guise. You seemed dumb enough to him that you'd think nothing of how much strength it would have taken a normal human being to kick Hide like that. However, if you really weren't going to comply so easily, he'd have to find ways of making you do so...

You watched in pure horror as something blue and glowing slithered out like a tail from Nishiki's body, the sharp point of it abruptly jabbing towards Hide.

“NO!” you cried out, and it immediately halted. Trembling in confusion and terror, you looked back as Nishiki did the same to you, and squealed again when you saw his eyes.

They were completely red and black. You had never seen something like this before. He clearly wasn't human, but what was he!?

“Are you surprised, [Y/N]? Hah...human beings are so fragile, aren't they? They crumble like pastry at the lightest touch...” he squeezed your wrists harder, and brought his chin over your shoulder, lips hovering just by your ear while he spoke, “I could so easily kill and eat both of you right now if I wanted to. Or the other way around. I could drag it out too and really savor you...”

Your body seemed to just go completely limp. It felt like you were dangling over a pit of doom and you had no choice but to accept your fate. Nishiki seemed to sense your feelings too, as he suddenly pulled back again and smiled sickly at you.

“Of course, that doesn't have to happen. I'm willing to leave both of you alone, for a simple price. Can you guess what it is, [Y/N]?”

“I-I don't want to...” you spoke quietly in response.

“Well that's a shame. Because it's pretty obvious...”

With another wry smirk, he leaned in again to your now unresisting visage, and placed a deep kiss upon your plush lips, pushing his tongue inside and forcefully entangling it with your own. Nishiki kissed you deeper and deeper until he'd had his fill, and only pulled back away again when you were left panting, even more weakened than before. He only gave you a cruel, sultry look.

“...It's you~”

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