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What a fascinating subject you were...

Hanji always thought she'd be fixated on Titans, not humans. The bigger the better in her opinion, her fascination with those gargantuan monsters was truly ceaseless. 

She always thought that would simply be the case.

But then there was you.

Like some perfect little machine, you wandered into the fray and showed your skills as a flawless fighter. Around Titans you didn't become nearly as flustered as your comrades, choosing instead to focus only on victory. You rose highly in the ranks, and soon enough were shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Levi.

Well...perhaps a little higher than that...

Regardless, Hanji was thrilled. This only meant that every day she could see you...and every day, she could watch you...smell you...breathe the same air as you...

If you left a fork used in the canteen she'd sneak it into her pocket. If anybody questioned it, she'd press it to their neck. You liked to sleep with your cheek on your right hand, she knew it because she'd seen it herself.

As long as you never figured out that the shadow in the corner of your room was actually a person, what was there to be afraid of? As long as you never knew she was doing any of this...things would surely be fine, right?

Was she a stalker? Sure. Maybe you could call it that. But as long as she could keep loving you in her own way, just like this, she didn't see the problem at all. 

She wasn't about to deny that she was now more obsessed with you than she'd ever been about any Titan. That was just fine by her.

For a while, it was fine by you too. Because you didn't know.

Eventually though...something started to seem weird.

Hanji always seemed to know exactly where you were going, what you were doing. How else could she constantly show up? It was strange, but the other day she'd mentioned something in passing conversation that you were certain you'd never told her...


Then, everything came to a boiling point. She wasn't too careful this day. She couldn't have been, because you found her right there, slap bang in the middle of your room and wearing such a guilty face, it was almost unsightly. In her hands, she had your undergarments stretched taut. Lord knows what she'd been doing with them before you walked in.

“Wh—what's going on!?” you blurted out, going red in the face and panicking a little just at the sight of it. Her form became a little more hunched over, and she looked up at you with steadily widening hazel eyes, a thin line of something moist running from her lip, and her cheeks turning a deeper crimson than yours ever could.

“...Oops~...Guess you...caught me, [Y/N]...”

Every word was a heated, breathy pant. She slowly rose from the bed and stumbled towards you like some zombie, stretching out a hand like she wanted to seize you up. In sudden panic, you tried to bolt, but before you could fully spin back out of the door, her palm slammed against the wood and forced it shut in-front of you.

“...If you find this scary...I'm sorry, [Y/N]...”

Her voice was scalding against the back of your neck. Her form pinned up against your own and pressed you taut against the door in-front, while your whole body began to quiver. Hanji allowed her hands to guide themselves smoothly around your waist, slipping over your stomach and pushing up your shirt just a touch. Her fingertips against your bare was enough to make you seize up entirely.

“It's been really hard for me to even hold back for this long...” she admitted in that deep voiced tone, close to your ear, “But I'm glad...I got to learn so much about you. So many things I never would have guessed...”

Her fingers stroked chastely against your neck, brushing a strand of hair loosely,

“Like've got an attraction towards Mikasa, don't you?”

Your eyes widened further. With every new word she spoke, this only became more and more shocking. And now this. She knew about Mikasa. She knew that you...

“...It's...not like that...”

“Oh come on~ We both know that's not true...”

Hanji was proud of herself, honestly. How had she managed so successfully to hold herself back? To halt herself before she picked up her 3DMG blade and plunged it into the ebony haired girl's neck. Or better yet, tied her down like Sonny or Bean and tried her hand at human experimentation instead...

It was truly a miracle that Mikasa was still standing. Hanji didn't care how tough or promising she was, if she really came between the two of you, then that would simply be the end of it. She'd bloody her hands no matter what anyone had to say about it.

...You knew it was true too. Deep down you'd harbored feelings towards Mikasa for a while now. She seemed fixated on Eren, but from the sidelines you'd felt an endearment towards her. She was so...admirable, fierce and loyal to her friends, remarkable on the front-lines too. She seemed to respect you and your achievements as well. It never felt like a competition, but a camaraderie.

Now and then, you did wish it could be more though. Of course, Hanji had already figured that out.

“That's okay, we can work on it. I don't mind being patient.” she gripped your shoulders and spun you around, pressing you against the door, staring into your eyes with a lustful expression. Her own gaze hooded, and she ran her tongue slickly against her lips, looking like she simply wanted to ravish you.

“...H...Hanji please...I'm sorry...I...I can't...”

You were trying to reason with her, trying to make her see that by doing all this, she'd only make things worse. On the contrary though, Hanji shook her head over and over, smiling almost serenely.

“I know everything about you, [Y/N]. I've known for months, and I know...” she pressed her finger sharp against your chest, “...That you...deep down...”

Her face came closer, her lips hovering before your own.

“Want much as I want you...”

They met, and you shut your eyes tightly, whimpering into her sudden kiss. As her hand seized your hair and jerked you closer, her tongue thrusting into your mouth, you'd never felt so weak in your life.

And all you could think was how wrong she was.

She really didn't know you at all.

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