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Oh fuck...oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck.


Please don't find me.

This upgrade was supposed to be a good thing. That was what Cyberlife promised. A bodyguard who would do so much better than your last.

You didn't want to be such a paranoid person, but there were some people out there in the world who had you on a list, and a great deal of reasoning behind it had to do with your surname and the money involved with that. It explained why buying an android bodyguard in the first place had really been such a minor expense.

The original 'Connor' though...RK800...had a rather bitter end. He had ended up being blasted through the skull with a bullet. While it didn't kill him per se, considering he couldn't be killed in the first place, he had still been recalled from your possession after the incident, and you had not seen him since then.

It was weird. He was just a piece of technology had become quite attached to him after all. You missed him, and had waited with baited breath for his new model to be shipped to you.

When he had been a bit of a surprise at first.

He did...look like Connor had, technically. But he was blue eyed, bigger, he seemed built to be stronger. It was quite startling at first. However, you naively thought that you would get used to it.

Little did you know...

There was something wrong with him. Something in his data...that started to manifest. It happened without your knowledge, and you only realized when it was too late just how much danger you were actually in.

“...[Y/N]...I know you're here.”

You inhaled shakily and pulled your own knees closer to your chest. You'd picked a claustrophobic spot to hide in, but it was the best you could find on such short notice. A small closet in the spare bedroom of your rather large penthouse apartment. You never usually came in here, so you hoped he wouldn't assume you had.

There were thin slats on the door from which you could vaguely see the outside world, but only really in the form of light and shadows. There was no lock, so you kept your fingers hooked around the inside handle, hoping that if he tried to open it he would think it was sealed shut.

His footsteps sounded ghostly, you couldn't even tell where he was relative to you right now. All you knew was that you desperately didn't want him to find you. Lord knows what would happen if he did.

How had things come to this? As you sat there with baited breath in the darkness, you thought back on every step that had led towards the nightmare you were currently facing, and trying so hard to avoid.

At first his odd behavior had only shown in little ways. Whereas the original Connor would greet you in a chipper manner by your door every morning, sometimes this RK900 model would simply stare at you. Just...stare. Cold eyed and hollow.

He was indeed like a shell. RK800 had something more to him than that, even if you couldn't quite place your finger on it. 900 didn't. He lacked it.

As a found him quite creepy.

That handsome face started to carry an eerie edge. He was supposed to protect and guard you, but you began losing sleep when you swore it felt like he was moving around your home during the night. One time you even woke up after feeling something tracing down your side, and while you hadn't found anyone in there with you, the sheets had been pulled down to your hips, exposing your upper body.

You'd find your most intimate garments rearranged in your drawers, and wonder if your own disorganized self had caused it, or if it had happened by his hands.

Why? If he was really doing all of this strange shit, what was his motivation? He was acting like some obsessive lover from a young adult novel.

Yet you let it slide at first, not wanting to stress yourself out further.

It was one incident that caused the landslide though.

During the night, you got thirsty. It was the middle of Winter and your throat was paying the consequences. So you thought you would just get up and go to the kitchen to have a glass.

What you found there startled you enough to make you gasp and grip the door-frame.

RK900. He was leaning against the counter, your own mobile phone in one hand, his other digits deftly scrolling through all your important messages. When he noticed your presence his pale eyes flickered up in the blue light, the only source cast in an otherwise dark room.

“...Wh...what the hell are you doing?”

Your question was barely audible, but he heard it. Calmly, he clicked the side of the phone to lock it again, and pulled himself away from his position by the counter. Still looking down at it, he silently walked to the middle of the room, paused, then sauntered towards the window.

The latch unlocked. The pane swung out.

He dropped your phone into the night.


You shot towards him like a dart, grabbing onto his elbow and jerking him around by it. He snapped round to face you, and you glared up at him with an intense fury.

“What the FUCK!?”


He shocked you all the more, when his hand shot out and snatched you by the neck. Instantly a wave of dizziness surged over you, because he was literally gripping you to the point where he might snap your head off. It came so out of nowhere that you could only choke and gasp and stumble backwards.

This can't be happening.

Please...this can't be happening!

“L—let g--”

That was all you could manage to even say. He wasn't listening anyway. RK900 shoved you back towards the middle island in the kitchen and slammed you down on top of it.


This robot loomed over you like a menace. His eyes only glowed brighter against his pallid face, his faux nails digging in as if they were threatening to dig your throat out entirely. You squirmed and struggled underneath him desperately, whimpering and yelping in desperation.



His head tilted, and his eyes narrowed.

“Because. I can.”

His hold only hardened.

“And are mine. You are not Dean's, or Lee's, or Chen's.”

Those people are just my friends!

He leaned right down over you, nose to nose, and spoke:

“You're mine.”


Somehow you managed to get him off of you. You kicked and shoved and used your free hands to grab whatever you could, and upon overloading his processes enough you found a precious window.

To run. To leave.

Or try to leave, but you were all the more miserable when you found that the front door wasn't opening.

So escape had to be swapped for an entirely new plan. Hiding.

Which led to now. Huddled away inside the closet, awaiting what you were sure would be the worst time of your life yet.

Then again...maybe you'd get another chance? You were listening so carefully to see where he was at that moment...and you figured that if he seemed far enough away you might have the opportunity to grab the house phone and call for help. were too afraid to even risk it. One false move and you'd be in his clutches.

Though perhaps that was going to happen regardless...

Connor, this new version of him that was, stalked the halls like a hunter would a wounded fawn. He knew he'd find you somewhere nearby, but even your breathing was imperceptible now. He swung open every cupboard to seek you out, knowing you could probably squeeze yourself inside one of them.

Even he himself didn't fully understand why he was acting this way. Something about you had set a part of him in motion.

Was it what humans called 'love'? Or...'jealousy'? But how could his programming even be capable of that? Perhaps there had been some sort of error.

He felt weirdly lucky though. The ring on his temple flashed red and he loved it. This was a sensation he had never felt before.

He wanted to catch you. He wanted to break you. Punish you for what he felt was righteous reasoning.

There weren't many people who tried to bother you these days. So why did you insist on keeping him around then? His conclusion was that you must surely want him for different purposes...but for you to get his android hopes and dreams so high, only for him to discover you spoke so sweetly to all the men in your life...

...Why wouldn't he be angry?

'Anger'. Yes...this was precisely what he felt.

He'd enact it accordingly then.

As soon as he found you.

Don't find me...

...It was suddenly so quiet. It had been subtle before, granted, but now you were pretty damn sure you couldn't hear him moving around at all.

A little breath escape your lips, and your hand loosened around the handle just a bit. Your palm was slick with sweat.

I think...I think it's safe now...

Leaning down towards the slats, you dared to peek out.

...Something glowed red.

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