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“Ew...who keeps doing this [Y/N]? Seriously, you need to report it!”

“It's fine. I'll just buy a new one.”

It was getting really tedious though. Yet another textbook of yours, ruined, the cover left in shreds and several of the pages too. This poor tome had been sliced and diced like someone wanted to make sashimi out of it. It, sadly, wasn't a first. Over the course of several days now, you'd come to your school locker, unlocked it using your carefully chosen and frequently changed code, and found one new item ruined daily.

So far, they had all been textbooks, cut up and torn apart and then left as pitiful memorials to the studies of science and philosophy. Either somebody took issue with your consistently good grades, or it was something more personal than that.

Your friends had encouraged you to speak up about the issue and possibly get your locker moved somewhere else, but since you had no way of knowing who the culprit was, you figured that it would only perpetuate the problem. You rarely left any valuables in that storage, but the one time your locket had been stowed away and the vandalism had taken place, it hadn't been taken or even touched. It was exactly where you'd left it.

So you assumed this was just some overblown statement about education or something, and that you'd just been the unfortunately chosen target. Hopefully it would taper off eventually...

That was what you had wanted, but sadly, seeing the newer books you'd bought as replacements get ruined too was the final nail in the coffin. Sure, you could just carry these around with you, but at your young age you weren't exactly eager to start building back problems.


Cursing with irritation, you snatched the latest tattered piece from your locker and started storming through corridor after corridor, eyes beady and focused. You'd find the one responsible for this, and you'd make them pay for it! How exactly you would do didn't honestly know yet, but you'd figure something out!

Eventually you ended up stumbling out into the open courtyard, and your eyes scanned before settling on a sight that made you freeze.

The culprit, Tobio Kageyama. The murder weapon, a short pocket knife, at least big and sharp enough to do these sorts of damages.

You weren't even thinking. He was sitting among his cronies from the volleyball team, tossing the toy in his hand. Up and down, up and down, only stopping when you came right up to him and slammed the already ruined book down into the dirt between his feet. His sharp blue eyes swiveled up to you simply.

“Do you have any idea how much these cost!?” you pointed at the book and glared at him. “5,000 yen a pop if I'm lucky, and do you think I'm made of money!? You're obviously the one who did this so just...just fess up and own it already!”

“Ohoho~ That sounds like an accusation to me!” Hinata laughed, and Oikawa glanced at Kageyama expectantly from his seated position on top of the bench with them.

“Looks like she's onto you Kageyama.”

“...Looks like.”

Kageyama rose calmly, stepping right up to you and towering over your considerably shorter form. The shadow he cast was a long one.

“Too bad you don't have any proof I did it.”

“Having the balls to carry a knife to school should be proof enough! Quit showing it off if you don't wanna get suspended, and quit bugging me! Leave my locker alone, leave my textbooks alone, and leave me alone!”

You gave him a little shove before quickly storming off before he'd have the chance to retaliate. He really only stood there though, still except for the increasingly shaky grip on the knife in his hand. His eyes continued to stare holes into the flattened grass where you had just been standing.

“Leave you alone..?” he hissed through his teeth, “...How the hell am I supposed to do that?”

Well, one of your requests was fulfilled. No more ruined textbooks.

The other two seemed to be...until that fateful day when you decided to stay back for some extra time and get one last lick of after class studying in before heading home.

At that time the corridors were quiet, the school fairly silent. You approached your locker calmly, opening it up and not really expecting anything.

What you saw inside made you reel back so quickly that you slammed into the metal doors on the opposite wall.


The interior of the locker was carved in every possible spot with the same word. Over and over, and over again.



But worst of all was the sight of your locket, opened to reveal the photograph of your boyfriend inside, tarnished by a hideous smear of blood.

You felt sick, clutching your mouth with a trembling hand. Who would do something like this!? Could Kageyama really have--

“I got lucky, honestly.”

You screeched with fright, immediately spinning around to see none other than the young man himself, steadily approaching in the dim corridor. The light only reflected on his eyes sometimes, illuminating how tiny his pupils had become.

“I'm desperately trying to think of some way to do it, when your precious Yuu~ ends up being one of the last people in the gym showers with me. Don't worry, I didn't come onto him or anything. I just took that knife you hated so much and used the wall as a corkboard. I pinned him up there where everyone can see.”

“ that can't be true...” you practically wheezed out your words, slowly backing away from him and trembling violently all the while as he stepped closer and closer. Kageyama stretched out his long arms and merely smiled, like a wriggly line drawn haphazardly across his face.

“But it is. Thankfully I carry a spare with me now, and it came in handy for doing up your little locker, [Y/N]. I thought you'd appreciate the makeover, but you don't have to worry about me using it again-”

One hand dove into his pants pocket and produced the bloodied blade. He chucked it over his shoulder and let it slide down the hall like a piece of garbage.

“-I don't need it. Because I know that you like to put on a little act to show you're tough, when really, you're just a tiny, frightened little thing that doesn't know what to do when things get serious.”

He took a quick detour to the twisted shrine of a locker, before returning on his beeline path to you again, cornering you quickly at the turn in the hallway and forcing you to press up among the locked doors desperately.

“You're almost small enough to fit inside one of those. Too bad there's no hiding from me now though-”

His hands suddenly slammed either side of you and you squeaked, cowering. The locket loosened on its chain and dangled from his grip, the gold exterior shimmering. Your welling eyes looked up to see the face of Nishinoya looking back at you, tinted in scarlet.


As you started to sob hopelessly, Kageyama only smiled. He placed a heated kiss upon your forehead and grinned when you squirmed. To keep you from wriggling away he just pressed his whole body against yours and trapped you firmly, not caring that he could almost hear the life leaving you when he suddenly did so.

He stared at the locket, hummed, then dug his nail under the petite photograph, popping it out and letting it flutter down to the floor, before then admiring the empty, heart-shaped space that was left behind.

It was just waiting for him to fit right in there.

Already carved out...

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