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Birth date. Starsign.
Birthplace. Blood type. Preferences.
Photographs. A lot of them.

Everything was 'on file', so to speak. Encrypted and locked away in the vast vault of Seven's several terabyte external hard drive, there was enough intricate data to basically make a clone of you. Though if that had been a possibility, he wouldn't have chosen it.

For you see, there was only one of you. That was why he chose to back up every single minute detail. His desperately loving angel, you, [Y/N]. He loved you. He adored you. He desired every scrap of knowledge he could have about you.

He didn't care if it was mundane, just like he didn't care if he broke morals to get to it. If it told him something about his beloved then he'd be content, end of story.

His eyes were focused firmly on the screen behind glasses reflecting the glare. Surrounded by monitors in the dark, he chewed on his 5th bag of honey chips, crunching being the only noise he made besides the ceaseless click clack of his quick fingers on the keyboard.

What's [Y/N] doing today...

He pulled up a feed, giving him a direct and exclusive showing of your bedroom. Call it creepy, he didn't care. So long as he was getting what he wanted, and you were exactly that.

Right there, right before him. You looked like a doll, almost as if he could reach out through the HD and grab hold of you. Keep you forever, now wouldn't that be ideal? For now he had to settle with this though, but he was happy enough. He slipped another Honey Buddha chip past his lips and held it between his teeth, watching with anticipation as you walked in.

You needn't worry of course, he wasn't a pervert. Usually you changed in your en suite, but if you happened to be in your room he'd have the courtesy to look away until you seemed to be done. Granted there were a few times where he may have accidentally seen something or other, but hell, you didn't know so did it really matter? It was causing you no embarrassment, no discomfort.

None of this was. That was so important to him.
He sought to observe you like this without creeping you out. Seven didn't want to risk you finding out about all this and feeling like you couldn't forgive him. That was why he never invited you over. He never invited anyone over. He rarely went out too.
Come to think of it, he was acting like a textbook hikkikomori.

But he didn't obsess over 2D girls and CG babes. You were real. Tangible.
Yet he felt no need to claim you in any other way except subtly right now. Fragile, like a butterfly, he knew he had to keep up his facade of merely being a friend. When the time was right, maybe he'd confess.

Maybe. For now...he was happy with this.
Probably because it provided the kind of intimacy that not even a loving relationship could. Few people would understand that though.

They're all idiots anyway.

He rolled his eyes and carried on watching you. Bit boring maybe, since you were just sitting on your bed. Yet he was still enthralled, never tearing his eyes away for even a single second. You looked happy, excited even. Cute. He wondered what for?

Suddenly, your bedroom door opened again, and someone came inside. Seven had been expecting to see your mother or your father. This was nothing to worry about usually, so he didn't stress...until the person was actually revealed.

It was...Saeran.


Seven slammed his palms down against the spare space on the desk (what little there was), and immediately leaned in closer to the screen, glowering so hard you'd think he was trying to burn a hole through it. His amber eyes narrowed as they zeroed in on the image of his twin drawing closer to you, having already shut and locked the door behind him.

What the hell is this!?

“Mind if I sit here?” Saeran smirked, and you shuffled over obediently for him so he could join you on the bed. That he did, and pretty soon he was drawing closer...and closer...

Seven's hand came slamming up against the screen and he put his face millimeters from it, baring his teeth and hissing as if he were talking right into his brother's ear:
“Don't you dare...don't you fucking dare.

Of course, Saeran didn't hear him. He only closed those calming mint green eyes and sealed the final stretch between the two of you, claiming your lips as his own. Sure enough, he'd done the same with your wrists, and he didn't waste time pushing you down on the bed beneath him.

Usually Seven wouldn't do this. Usually he'd only turn away if something lewd came up while he kept things running. But this...this was too much.
He switched off the screen the moment he saw your shoulder bared and flew up from his seat, grabbing the back of it and flinging the damn thing across the room.

He didn't care that he probably just broke something. He just gripped his hair and started screaming. Screaming and thrashing with rage, trashing all but his special set up as he flew into a fit of fury. His glasses came flying off, flung across the floor where they were no doubt damaged.

Seven didn't care though. You were meant to stay SINGLE, you were meant to keep yourself for HIM until he was READY!

Did this mean he'd waited too long?
Oh shit. He really had.

Fuck me for being patient with you, right!?
Fuck me for giving you space, huh!?

When he composed himself enough that he wasn't immediately going to start breaking things again he willed himself to sit back down, though only after grabbing his seat and setting it upright. Wisely, he decided to ignore the live feed for now, and focused instead on the folders containing all that he had gathered on you.

It was like studying for an exam, cramming at the last second. He pored over the information presented, staying up all night since it was easy for him at this stage. He didn't need sleep. He didn't need dignity.
He just needed you.

And he'd have you. He knew how you worked, he knew what you liked. Your tastes, your emotions, your kinks, it was all laid out for him bare in these documents. Like a cheat sheet for a wannabe boyfriend.

There was no way he could lose...

Admittedly you had been a bit startled by him suddenly showing up. You were weary after last night, and you'd only taken one step out of your front door, but he was already there on the apartment landing, smiling at you. His scarlet-haired figure and cheery grin that adorned it did look pretty welcoming in this bright sunlight, but you were fit to yawn already.

Then again, if it was rude to yawn then it was even ruder not to give him the time of day. Especially since it had been so long since you had last seen him out and about like this.
“Hey...ah, did you need something?” you walked over to him after he greeted you, and he just ruffled the hair on the back of his head, shrugging and humming.
“Mm, nothing in particular. I thought that maybe we could do something together though. It's been a while.”

Placing a hand on the railing beside you, you leaned against it casually and just about responded, only to get interrupted by a loud yawn of your own. Immediately flustered, you covered your mouth and looked up at him through your hair with embarrassment.
“S-sorry! I'm not bored with you or anything, I just didn't...get a lot of sleep last night.”

Of course [Y/N]. I'm going to make sure you never get bored of me.

“Haha, it's okay.” he insisted, and reached out to take your hand anyway. “Come on-”
There was no refusing him it seemed. You stumbled along behind, wondering why he was so chipper all of a sudden. Sure, you liked him better when he acted like a goofball, but usually he was only like that in the chatroom. What changed?

“Seven, have you been okay? I hadn't heard from you in a while and I started to worry.” you confessed, walking level with him down the sloping street now. You didn't even know where you were headed, but it was nice to take a stroll anyway.

“Well I've been busy.” he kept it vague, though you were still curious.
“Oh, with programming or something?”

How adorable. Just as he showed an interest in yours, you were also interested in his own life. As if you could get any more perfect.
Dammit. He had to make sure that Saeran didn't steal you away from him. He had to...

“Yeah. Something like that.”

Stopping on the street corner, you realized you were right outside a donut place.
“I know you like them. Plus I think they've got some honey flavored kinds too.” Seven shrugged. He was trying to keep it cool and casual. He knew you liked your boys that way.

“Wow I...I don't think I ever mentioned that I'm a fan.” you commented, and his previously calm stance did twitch a little. Shit, he'd have to watch himself before he got caught out here.
“Oh yeah? I suppose it was just a lucky guess then.” he laughed it off, and you smiled too.
“Must've been.”

So together you went inside, and immediately your eyes were drawn by some animal donuts on display, the adorable designs making them look too good to eat.
“Look Seven, there's a cat one!”
“ like cats, do you?” he leaned over behind you, studying the display case. Naturally he already knew this.
“Yep! I definitely have to get one of these...”

Seeing how eager you were, Seven stepped back and felt smug. You see, he had an edge that his brother didn't. It was like he'd already seen the cards laid out, and now it was just a case of stepping wisely.

“Want anything Seven?”
You, of course.

Orders made and donuts ready, you took a seat together in a booth near the back of the cafe, sipping a vanilla milkshake and tucking in even if it hurt to eat something so sweetly crafted. Seven had his own honey-themed order, but he was hardly focused on it. His tastebuds didn't even register the icing because they were too busy imagining what your tongue would be like. His mind was clouded with visions of you two ending this perfect day in the most fitting way, with you, totally enamored by how ideal he was, inevitably leaning in to give him that first kiss.

Forget Saeran. He'd know then that he'd won, for it would be true love. You'd come to realize quickly who was the better option of the two. Already he was excited for it-

“Should I give you my news?” you suddenly spoke up, and he wiped a crumb from the corner of his mouth before nodding with curious eyes.

I know all of it already, [Y/N].

“...Well...maybe I wasn't entirely honest this morning.” you looked aside, picking up the napkin provided and dabbing delicately at your lips. “I guess I'm not obligated but I feel like I should say anyway, since the others know about it...”
Seven had gone stiff. Don't do this.
“The thing is, while you were gone I started a relationship with-”
Don't ruin this.

“-Saeran. And since he's your brother...even if you do have your difficulties...I feel like I should tell you. Because I really do love him, and I can see us being together for a long time.”

Boom. Down it all came, like demolished skyscrapers folding into rubble. All he had built up and worked so hard seemed pointless.
He had tried. He had tried so hard to present himself just right for you, and already you were throwing it back in his face by declaring this. You had barely given him a chance!

...How dare you...

“He's...” you smiled dreamily, poking your fingertips together in a motion that would have normally had him melting like butter in a pan, but now only pissed him off, “...really a good guy once you get to know him.”

How dare you.

The anger was back, looping it's arms around his shoulders, squeezing his chest 'til it hurt to breathe. Seven wanted to reach across this damn booth table and throttle you. He wanted to take a big chunk of your silky locks and drag you kicking and screaming back to where you belonged. He wanted to...

...Calm. Stay calm.
Seven took a breath, a simple breath, and it helped. Okay, fine. Playing hard to get, were you? No big deal.
He'd just have to convince you harder. He could do that without flipping his lid, couldn't he?

This was supposed to be easy.

“...[Y/N]...give me your hand for a second.”
Blinking, your fantasizing eyes flickered back to him and cleared again. “Hm?”
“Just give me your hand-” he held his out, and though you frowned a little you still did as he asked.

You were way up at the back, so nobody batted an eye when he seized your wrist in an iron grip and yanked you right over the table, slamming your abdomen against the edge of it and hauling your face right up to his.
“AH! S-Seven--!!”

“Shut up. Shut up and listen to me.”
His voice was menacing, his orange eyes practically glowing as they bored like drills through your own. Your face was contorted with fear and pain, body trembling as you writhed uselessly in his grip. You thought about screaming yet you still obeyed him. If anything, you had to know why the hell he was doing this.

“S-Seven it hurts-”
“I don't care.” he squeezed even harder to prove it, and you teared up.

Exhaling softly, he leaned just a little closer so you were really nose to nose. The glasses he wore seemed like they weren't even there from this perspective. Just those furious eyes as he stared at you, barely resisting doing something truly terrible.

“It's an insult, [Y/N].” he spoke in a hollow yet wavering tone, “After all I've done, every effort I've made to understand you, to change myself for you, you go ahead and fuck my twin!? I thought I was the one you liked, [Y/N]!” he snapped in your face, and you whimpered.
“I-I do like you Seven, but as a friend—NN!”

He made you squeal again with another squeeze. It honestly felt like his hand could snap your limb if he was pushed far enough. You sure didn't want to tempt him.
“That's not good enough. I bided my time, [Y/N]. I shut myself away and worked so hard, because I wanted to become perfect for you. And look how you repay me? Publicly insulting me? Blabbering on about how much you love someone I hate with a passion? Oh but here's the doozy- I had to watch as he just had his way with you, and I bet you never even spared a thought to how it would make me feel!”

There was silence. He'd given it up, and your shock showed with wider eyes and a paler complexion. A little sweat doused the back of your neck as you heard his words.

“...” seeing where this was going, Seven decided it was time to just roll with it. Time to stop pretending. “...Yes, I'm aware of what happened. I saw it with my own eyes.”
He cast them aside.
“It was disgusting.”

Seven then looked back at you, casting you entirely in his shadow as he raised himself just a little in his seat. “Kind of like how I'm aware of the other things too.”
“...Wh...what other things?” you dared to ask, and he sucked in his bottom lip, before letting it pop out from beneath his teeth and continuing with pleasure:

“You like cats, but you used to be scared of them until your mom gave you a kitten as a gift on your 7th birthday. You actually prefer madeleines to donuts but you say donuts are your favorite because madeleines are harder to find here. When you go to sleep you always roll over onto your left side first, but wake up on your right. When you were in high school some bastard cheated on you and you threw his schoolbag in the Han River.” Seven reached up with his free hand to fix his glasses, corner of his lip curling up maniacally. “Shall I go on?”

The world sunk in around you. It was as if he could relay your entire life story back to you, right there on the spot. These were intimate things that you had never shared with him, never shared with any of the RFA members. Yet somehow he...

...Feeling queasy, you barely managed to squeak it out:
“ do you...-”

Seven only smirked, a dark glimmer in those bold eyes. They hooded in a sultry manner, and he pushed his head past yours, red hair brushing your skin and lips pressing to your ear as he spoke lowly into it:
“Because. I know everything there is to know about you, [Y/N].”

He let out a twisted chuckle, his voice turning to nothing but a whisper.


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