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The rain spattered sleepily against the car windshield.

Your body was tilted forward, only supported by the seatbelt that was crossed over your chest. Seungbae had made sure to strap you in securely enough though, so that if he needed to brake for any reason you wouldn't go flying into the dashboard.

The last thing he needed was for you to go smashing that pretty face open before he'd even had a chance to kiss it properly.

Call it cruel, but he didn't care if he was forcing you to abandon everything you knew. Making you leave your entire life behind, so you could replace it with some existence out in the Korean countryside. It was his opinion that eventually...eventually, you'd adjust. You'd come to understand with time why he did the things he did. It all stemmed from love.

You'd eventually understand. Life would be comfortable enough, he'd used his savings from his police work and such to purchase a lovely cabin out in the forest. It was a bit of a drive to get there, and the nearest village was still quite a distance away (certainly not somewhere that you could run to overnight), but that kind of seclusion was just what he felt you both needed.

Life was stressful. He already knew how dangerous Sangwoo was, and he didn't trust that simpering pet of his, Yoonbum, either. Yet you insisted on spending time with them as if they were your friends? Seungbae would have nightmares of finding your severed head on a case, a real 'told you so' moment that he never wanted to endure.

It was better to take the chance while he still had it. Save you from your seemingly inevitable demise back in Seoul and instead take you out into the sticks where not even a mastermind like Sangwoo would be able to trace you. All the dominoes were carefully placed, and he knocked them over by making that final, crucial decision to quit his job.

In some ways it was a shame to toss his own life aside. At least he knew how it felt now. However...he was more than willing to sacrifice everything so long as he could have you.

[Y/N]...his precious [Y/N]...

He looked away from the wheel and over at where you were sitting in the passenger seat, still completely out of it thanks to the sweet smell of chloroform. When you woke up...well he couldn't wait for that part. He'd finally be able to hold you as his, and even if you struggled at first he was certain that you'd eventually comply.

Besides...if you didn't, he still had that souvenir from his police days. A gun to the head could make a Navy Seal piss his pants.

However...Seungbae didn't want to hurt you like that. He didn't want to see you afraid of him, he wanted you to love him just as he loved you. If you were going to spend the rest of your lives together then you needed to have a strong, unbreakable bond with one another. It was all good from his end, he just needed to convince you of the same.

Pulling off onto a bumpy side road that started to venture further into thicket, abandoning even the last few stray houses and fields, he reached across with one hand now that he didn't have to worry so much about vehicle codes, and stroked your cheek gently with his knuckle.

His tan digits slid down the length of your jaw, feeling how it curved and created such a perfectly framed face. One finger graced lightly over your lips, poking the corner of your mouth just gently and causing you to let out the tiniest moan in your unwilling slumber.

Seungbae chuckled, pulling back his hand again and touching his own lips coyly. He couldn't wait to kiss you properly when you woke up. He couldn't wait to put his jacket over your head and carefully shield you from the rain until he got you inside. He couldn't wait to sit you down by the fire after he stoked it, and serve you cocoa and cake until you warmed up again.

He was happy to dote on you as much as you wanted him to. You would be his little princess and there would be no complaints from his end. Devoting his life to you...he was already a step ahead of the curve on that front.

While he focused on the road again and pushed his glasses smoothly up the bridge of his nose, he heard something shifting in the seat beside him, and quickly looked over again. Immediately he was smiling ear to ear.

“Ah, perfect timing.”

It really was, as he had just pulled up outside the cabin. The rain was still pouring, creating an ominous ambience to go with the rustling of the trees above. They were thickly clustered here, without a road this forest would be near impossible to navigate...

Pulling off his seatbelt, he let it slide back and adjusted his body so he was partially turned to face you, resting his cheek against his knuckle and his elbow on the back of the seat. Then it was just a waiting game until you came to fully.

“...H...huh? Where...where am I?” you murmured wearily, blinking your heavy eyes a few times as they adjusted to their surroundings. Something smelled like were inside a car with spotless upholstery...when you looked across you saw an empty coffee cup...and up...

Up...there he was.


“Mmm...” he practically purred in response, and suddenly leaned across to where you were. Without warning his mouth was on yours, a kiss you didn't ask for was forced onto your person, and after initially freezing up when it happened, panic mode suddenly set in.

Your memories came flooding back while his tongue explored your mouth and his hand slipped up the front of your neck.

Seungbae had pulled up alongside you as you walked along the pavement, heading to Sangwoo's house. He claimed he had just happened to meet you by chance, and you naively believed him at first, because you knew him to be a pretty upstanding guy.

While you had initially been happy to chat, he started to talk crazier and crazier. Telling you at first about how he'd quit his job for you, then going on to reel off all the things he loved so much about you, and why you should come with him, all of which was delivered with an increasingly manic expression on his face, to the point where you had to bail and clear your head for a while.

Attempting to keep walking didn't work out in your favor. He just drove up beside you again, stalled, got out and grabbed you.

In his strong arms you didn't stand a chance of breaking free, and any screams turned to silence as soon as that cloth was jammed up against your nose.

Next thing you knew, you were waking up here. In his car. Being kissed.


That was exactly what this was. He kidnapped you.

No wonder you lost your mind for a moment. A bite to the tongue made him gasp and recoil into his seat, clutching his already bleeding maw while you forced the lock open and burst out of the door. Scrambling against the sodden ground, you rushed to your feet and caught a glimpse of that cabin as you prepared to sprint.

He wanted to keep me here!?

This psychopath! I can't believe I never--



With a screech you faltered and tumbled, the sole of your shoe slipping against the slick mud and sending you down to it with a thud. Whimpering, you looked back over your shoulder to see what the hell that noise had been, and saw something that made your heart stop.

Seungbae emerged slowly from the car, pulling himself out of it like a demon, the gun raised up in one hand. Smoke plumed off the end of the barrel from where the warning shot had been fired, and he could feel the heat of the metal against his fingers.

“I want to be kind to you, [Y/N]. Truly, I do...”

He started to walk closer and closer to where you were laying hopelessly. You'd have tried to run further but your body couldn't will itself to move now that it knew it might end up embedded with a bullet.

“But that's only going to work if you're kind to me. Biting me like that...” the dark haired man seductively licked any remaining blood away from his bottom lip and grinned, “As hot as it is, I wasn't looking for any resistance...”

Finally reaching you, he towered tall over where you lay, eyes peering down sharply behind his fogged up lenses. The humid rain soaked through both your shirts, but neither of you noticed. You were both too focused on the tension that lay between you.

All you wanted was to run away.

All he wanted was to keep you here.

But only one of you had a gun.

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