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The locker door felt like ice against your back.
Even when you'd worked up such a sweat.

He was usually angry for some reason or another, granted. But it would usually be because of something petty (like one of his numerous bro feuds with Ishimaru), and he'd usuallyonly be letting himself get infuriated for the sake of bravado. This felt entirely different to that.
It was entirely different.

Mondo Oowada, the biker thug with a rough attitude. Handsome, gruff, tall and muscled. Not the kind of giant you'd expect to be hanging around in the girls' changing room, but yet here he was, towering over you, cornering you against the place where you had been hoping to retrieve your belongings and get out of here, just so you could go take a well needed rest.

He wasn't about to allow that. His piercing eyes glared down at you from a shadowed gaze, not just due to the one his hair cast either. It was a kind of look you had never seen him show before, not even when he'd been on one of his manly rants.

That was the perfect word to describe it. Simply murderous.

“O-Oowada, what are you...what are you doing in here?” you shied away from him instinctively, pressing your back even tighter to the metal behind it. At first his sudden barging in here when it was already pretty late and he was hardly welcome had seemed odd. To say nothing of how he managed to get in here in the first place. Either way, it had startled you, but now that fear was stemming from confusion more than anything else.

Teeth grit, he stepped even closer to you, his shoes almost touching your bare feet.
“Since when you start comin' here so late?”
Baffled, you could only stutter out an answer: “Th-that's...I'm usually too busy during the day-”
“Busy with what?”
“W-well I...” you looked aside quickly reaching up to clutch your arm. What the hell was going on!? Why had he suddenly come into the girls' changing room, and why was he asking you these questions? Still, despite how lost and nervous you felt, you looked back at him and answered:

“Recently I...I spend most of the daytime with Chihiro so-”
You trailed off. Even his visible twitching was disturbingly violent. You watched with increasing tension as his hands balled up into fists by his sides.
“...Chihiro? That was the first name that ya thought of, eh? Funny...”

His head turned down a little, casting those eyes even deeper into darkness and making them glow.
“So tell me, and be honest [Y/N]. Didja hear it?”
“...H...hear it? Hear what Oowada?” you questioned with eyes as wide as ever. One hand unfurled just so he could rub it against his brow, tilting his head to the side and cracking one eye just a little further open than the other.
“Don't play fuckin' dumb with me. You just happen to be here at this time by chance? When I was planning that shit for weeks and you never once showed up before? Bullshit...”

Suddenly both hands came flying for you and you squealed. They only slammed against the locker either side of you, making it shake.
“BULLSHIT! How long have you known about it, huh? Didja come here to stop me or something?” Mondo leaned in further and growled at you, “Well too late pipsqueak because he's already fuckin' dead.”

Just like that your blood ran cold.

“Still playin' dumb with me?” Mondo broke out into a sickening smirk, one that seemed too shaky to be very confident. “Your little lover Chihiro. I beat him over the head nice and good, heh...”


You almost couldn't register the fact that he was admitting to murder, yet you picked up on that slip immediately. Mondo must have noticed that beyond the shock you were already showing in your speechless way, and he nodded.
“Yeah that's right, he told me all about his secret. I thought maybe you only liked gals but I guess this makes sense too. Idiot, guess he thought I might be able to help him.”

You were stunned. Chihiro had confided in you about that when Monokuma brought up the new incentive with your deepest secrets. He, or really she, had seemed like she wanted to have some kind of strength.
But when it came to physical strength...Mondo still won.

And he had won. You noticed it now. A splatter of blood on his cheek.
He really killed-

-Suddenly you just lost control. You simply let your hand fly up and smack against his cheek as hard as possible.

Immediately you regretted it. Mondo remained frozen for just a second, and then suddenly his own hands were around your neck, thrusting you back with a hard bang against the locker you had already been using as sanctuary, and you cried out weakly as his grip only tightened and tightened more and more. His nails pressed into your skin hard enough that it could have broken, and you really felt like he was going to snap your head off.

“You wanna fuckin' PUSH IT with me!? Then you can join him, or her, or whatever! You can join ALL of 'em!”

You really felt like you were going to die.

“Say thanks to that bitch Sayaka for me too, I used her handbook to get in here. Clever thinkin' eh!?”

You really felt like this was the end.

“Shame I gotta waste my time disguisin' two bodies in here now. Even when you're both dead you're still giving me SHIT to deal with!”

You really felt'd be seeing Chihiro again soon...

“...That's won't be breakin' my heart when you're dead...”

Breaking his heart? Could it be...
...Chihiro and I...he must have been jealous.
That's why he...killed her.

And that's why he's going to...kill me.

There was no way you could fight back. Even if you hadn't been dazed and suffocating you still wouldn't have been strong enough to resist him. Your mind was lost, you didn't know what to do.

You didn't want him to kill you. Not just for your own sake.
For Chihiro's too. People had to know...they had to know the truth so that she could be avenged.

So your hand, trembling as it was, came up and graced his cheek. You ignored the dried blood upon it, trying not to think about that tragedy. You simply pressed your palm flush with his skin and begged with whatever wheezing breath you had:

Mondo froze again, but this time not in furious anger. In utter shock.
It was the first time you had ever touched him like that, and you were as soft as he had always imagined. And he had imagined for so long. Imagined so many things about you, because what else could he do?

It had seemed so obvious that you liked Chihiro. That was the type you went for, wasn't it? Small. Delicate. Kind. Gentle. Nothing like him. He had been so convinced that you'd never so much as look his way, and yet he couldn't bring himself to accept it. The mere idea of you ignoring him forever in favor of that weakling made him so mad.

Monokuma's excuse for them to kill had been the trigger he so desperately needed. The bloodlust came easily then. And he thought it would come easy now too. What reason did he have to let you live? You knew everything now, so you'd only be a liability. Even if you hadn't known, he feared regardless that even with Chihiro out of the picture your heart would still only be for her. That you'd spend every passing day mourning, still never looking his way.

A foolish hope, to think you might move on and become his as he had always wanted. That you might forget about Chihiro. Killing her had been necessary in those cruel purple eyes of his anyway, whether you ended up loving him or not. Had there ever really been any other option?

No. Chihiro had to die, and surely you had to as well. he felt your trembling touch, he hesitated. The dazed and almost tragically dreamy look in your gorgeous eyes. Your quivering lips that seemed to be begging for a kiss. Your perfect body, completely at his behest.

If he killed you...what would he have left to live for? Surely it would be no problem to keep you alive but make sure you kept your mouth shut too?
Make sure you did plenty of other things as well. Yes...he couldn't forget.

He was the toughest. The strongest. He was in charge here.
Hah...that's right. Why do I even gotta worry?

Gradually his hands slipped away, and he let you crumble to the floor, falling into a breathless and desperately gasping heap at his feet. Mondo simply looked down at you from the shadow painted on his face and let a dark smile curl his lips, calmer now.

He really didn't need to fret in the slightest. You'd do exactly what he said. You'd keep your mouth shut. You'd throw away the memory of that pathetic loser.
You'd love him back.

Or else.

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