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“ long have you been stalking me?”

He's in my house.

“ knew...”

His tired, desperate eyes cast up towards you in hues of violet, posture hunched and smaller than ever. Kanato always clung to that little bear of his like he was innocent, as if he were a mere child, but you knew far better.

This boy was sickeningly twisted, and you were his greatest obsession. Escaping the Sakamaki Household had done nothing to save you from him ultimately. He'd followed you to your home, broken in, and now here he was, standing soaked through from the rain in your very own lounge.

Though he dripped freezing water onto the carpet fibers he was unfazed, standing still and calm before you.

It was terrifying. You felt like you couldn't move, could barely even breathe. This boy had an edge, if you pissed him off then he would just pin you to the wall and bite you. Suck you dry until you collapsed into his arms, and who knows where the hell he would take you then.

“Teddy~” he purred out and looked down at his tattered little toy, smiling creepily, “I don't think she wants us here...”
“Of course I don't!” you suddenly snapped with some rage, and he froze again, just staring at you.

“...You really hate me then...[Y/N]?”

Hate was an awfully strong word, granted. But in Kanato's case it was unfortunately close to the truth. You really did feel that way towards him. He was ruining your life, leaving you paranoid at every turn, always wondering if he might be waiting around the corner for you. Now here he was, in what was supposed to be your safest place.

You were so afraid.

“...That's a shame...”

His voice lowered a little, and he took some threatening steps in your direction. You could hear how ragged his breathing was, and you could see the lust in his eyes. He was practically salivating for that neck of yours, just like he always had.

All the Sakamaki boys had been menaces of their own but Kanato...he was always the one you found hardest to shake. His presence looming, gaze leering at you from every corner of that grand mansion. How many times had he trapped you in one of those corners and had his way?

You had never been more trapped than you were now though, and he knew it. He could take his time.

This creep, who found your address and infiltrated it, now backed you up against the wall opposing him. Your spine hit it with a thud and you cringed slightly, cowering as he came even closer. Just by leaning in a little you could feel his lips parting and his breath cascading over your gullet, those fangs glimmering in the dim sheets of moonlight.


A sudden cry, and you tried to run. Kanato only seized your arms in both hands, digging in his nails and adoring how you winced and squealed as he shoved you back in your place again. Caged against him, you could do nothing but sob and struggle as he punished you.

Your neck became his platter, fresh blood trickling, even pouring, down to stain your collar.

When he finally parted from you, he was smiling dreamily, satisfied.
“...That's what I missed the most, [Y/N]~”

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