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His forehead.

His chest.

His crotch.

He pressed his whole body taut against the bars, gripped the cold metal, and stared at you with amber eyes.

“Seeing you like's a bit of a turn on, I'll be honest...”

Shuddering, you only pulled your knees closer to your chest. The moonlight that managed to filter in to his bedroom through such darkness graced the two of you. It was late.

How long had you been inside this cage? How long had you been Toma's unwilling prisoner?

The weeks only blended together into one big stretch of vague time. There was no coherence to any of it anymore. Though what did time really matter when you were just trapped in one place, enduring the same thing every day?

“[Y/N]. Look at me.”

Your reluctance was evident. Your heart pounded every time he spoke, and honestly, every time he didn't. Whenever he was in the same room as you, it made you go completely tense and silent. When he was gone, which was a rarity, you would be able to breathe a little, and talk to Orion openly.

The little fae had tried to protect you but had little luck. Toma ultimately decided what was going to happen, and that was precisely what happened. He loved that fact of course, since he had spent long enough himself worrying about other people ruining you.

No longer. Now you weren't going anywhere, and he was in control.

At first he had been rather kind about it all, at least in his own humble opinion. However, as your stubbornness and refusal to cooperate had started to grate on him, he eventually dropped the efforts to be so sweet, swapping them for a harsher approach.

If he wanted you to be somewhere, he'd grab you and tow you there himself.

If you begged him to let you go, he'd laugh, and maybe kick the cage just to give you a fright.

If he saw you futilely trying to chip away the bars that surrounded you, he'd threaten to open it up and 'discipline' you for it.

Sometimes he followed through. Granted, the most he would do was pin you down underneath him, but he'd always couple it with squeezing your limbs tightly, or biting down on your neck, leaving bruises and bite marks that were refreshed often enough that they never got the chance to leave.

“I'm doing this because I love you.”

He often told you that, but it never stuck of course. How could you possibly believe him? He was basically torturing you, and yet he wanted to pretend like it was justified? Lovers didn't lock up the ones they cared about, did they?

It made you afraid, because despite becoming more and more obedient towards him, it seemed that with every passing day he was becoming more and more unstable. It got you imagining what might come at the end of it all.

Would he kill you?

Toma loved you. It was a twisted, fucked up way of loving someone, but you still didn't doubt that his feelings were genuine.

Yet you also felt like your time was running out. Nothing you did, no way in which you acted would ever be good enough.

He was never your boyfriend, even if he pretended to be. You couldn't convincingly love him like he desired.

Eventually he would-

“We can't let this go on, [Y/N]!” Orion insisted urgently once Toma was gone again. He'd stated that he needed to go and pick up a few snacks from the nearby convenience store, and of course, that he would be right back and that you shouldn't even think about going anywhere. Heaven forbid if you did.

Turning to glance at your companion, you just shook your head.

“No...that's not's just not possible...”

Hope was leaving you bit by bit. Putting your face in your hands, you let out a sorrowful sigh and flopped back against the bars of the cage.

Instantly you heard a metallic creak. Jolting, you sat up and looked around to see that one of the bars had been knocked loose. It was the same one you often picked away at when Toma wasn't looking, though you had given up on the effort a while back.

Was it possible that you had managed to make an impact after all?

“[Y/N] look at that! Push it, you'll be able to squeeze out through there! Hurry, before he comes back!!”

This was crazy, wasn't it? But what choice did you have? The cage was already damaged, Toma was going to be mad either way.

You were as well taking your only chance while you had it.

So, with a hefty push you managed to dislodge the bar entirely, and quickly urged your body through the open gap, crawling out onto the carpet. Immediately you made a beeline for the door, leaving the apartment as fast as you possibly could.

The convenience store really wasn't too far away, and he wasn't buying much. Several minutes had already passed since he left too, and so you knew you were thin on time.

Your feet pounded ceaselessly on the road and carried you along as fast as they could. Turning down a side alleyway, you pressed one hand to the wall and leaned against it, panting desperately, finally catching your breath again.


I did it. I...I'm free!

A relieved little smile spread across your face. Now you wouldn't have to suffer as his prisoner any longer. You would be safe--


Followed by a crinkle. The sound of a plastic bag deflating slightly after it dropped to the ground.

“...I should have known you would do this to me. I've come to trust you too much, [Y/N].”

Flinching, tears immediately began welling up in your eyes. You turned yourself to face him with much reluctance...

Toma stood there, glaring at you with shaded eyes.

“You seem to be content with breaking my heart again and again. Just when I was starting to think you were coming around, you go ahead and do this.”

“T-Toma...” you stuttered nervously. “I...”

He paused, touching his face and sighing, brushing back his hair and letting his eyes glimmer under that same array of moonbeams.

“You what? You don't care, is that it? I would believe it.”

The tall blonde haired boy began approaching, standing so much higher than you, you felt like you were shrinking with every single step.

Both of his arms raised.

“Come back with me. Be good for me...”

I can't!

You couldn't. You really couldn't.

So you ran for it.

Or, you tried.

One arm looped around your waist firmly, and his other hand snagged your hair, tugging the strands right by your scalp and hauling your whole head back until it bumped against his shoulder. While you were yelping and crying, he leaned in to your ear.

“Even after I gave you a chance, you still disobeyed me. What am I going to do with you?”

“P-please don't do anything!!” you squeaked, and he just chuckled lowly. You could feel every word he spoke against your skin.

“No? I should just let you off the hook because you're cute? I don't think so...”

A kiss met your cheek, a little on your neck. He made his mark and pulled back only when he was breathless, running his tongue to the corner of his lip and pausing, before smiling eerily.

His hand suddenly slid down from your hair just so it could clamp right around the back of your neck, and he shoved you forwards beside him, pushing you along towards the alley entrance.

“W-wait!! Toma-! Toma please, PLEASE!!”

In response to your screams he only squeezed your neck harder from where he was holding it, and proceeded back to the apartment.

You were literally thrown inside his room when he got there, left to desperately scramble to stand up and get away. Toma simply let out a cruel bout of laughter when he saw you huddling back against the wall.

“Hahaha! Adorable...All you do is manipulate and manipulate, and yet here you are looking for sympathy? Do you expect you're going to get any?”

“P-please-” you squealed and huddled up even smaller as his shadow grew upon you, his looming figure walking over closer and closer.

“I'm afraid that's not how it works...”

He stopped when he reached you.

“I'm going to hurt you just like you hurt me.”

When you looked up in terror, you could see his eyes glowing. His pupils had never looked so sharp, his grin so wide.

Dropping to his haunches, he took your chin between his fingers, leaning in until his lips pressed to your ear, and all you could hear was his menacing whisper of a threat.

“I'm going to break you, [Y/N]...”

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