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Everyone was an enemy.

Wide blue eyes drifted down and observed the bloodstains upon his hands, along with the blade of the knife gripped between them. In his delusional state the scarlet almost looked magenta, the room a shaking mess still. It seemed to twist and curl around him, hot with the fury he felt.

“You wanted me to think you were innocent, eh? Heh...hehehe...”
One hand left the weapon, only to brush back some of those bright amber strands. He didn't care that the blood only made them darker. He really didn't care about much right now.

Sayaka's body lay slumped against the bathroom wall, her eyes clouded and dead. Her sweet little face that so many found endearing was left looking hollow, as if she were nothing but a broken doll. Wounded by the stomach slicing he gifted her with. Grotesque? Maybe. Yet some things were all too necessary.

She was the one who wanted to kill him in the first place.
And if she had been willing to kill him, perhaps it meant she would have been willing to kill the most important thing in the world to him.


Yes, maybe it seemed ridiculous. How could he fall in love with someone so deeply when you had only met a short time ago? Back when this hell started.

Back when he saw you there in the main hall for the first time. By all means, you were the most perfect girl he had ever laid eyes on, and he'd certainly got to know plenty of beauties thanks to his heartthrob baseball star status. Even that girl he met at the salon who made him want to become a rock star couldn't compare to you in the slightest.

Music didn't matter. Baseball didn't matter.
Even his own survival hardly mattered, only valuable to him in the sense that he'd need to be alive to protect you.

There was a good chance you'd need protecting given the dire situation you had all been placed in. You weren't necessarily pathetic, or all that weak. But you were hardly someone who could be dubbed capable of killing. There was no way you'd be winning this twisted game on your own efforts alone.

Leon knew he had to protect you...and eventually get you out of here. With him by your side of course, that was the only other thing that he ought to ensure. He had to. Though the thought of losing you disgusted him, the thought of you going on without him was equally repulsive. What if you moved on in life and forgot all about him and his corpse? What if you found someone else who feebly tried to make you as happy as he was able to?

No. He couldn't let that happen either.
So much stress. So much pressure.

Good thing he could take it out with a few swings in the batting cage.

“I...can't believe she's gone...”
Several days had passed, but still the incident was haunting you. Sayaka had gravitated to you almost immediately, and you had become fast friends in the short time she had been alive. She was kindly and friendly and altogether pleasant to be around. Given that it was easy to feel shy when meeting so many new people, she was a welcome companion.

At least...until things went sour.
You stopped seeing her so often then. And whenever you did manage to catch a glimpse of noted how pale and wide eyed she looked. Sweaty. Borderline deranged.

This meal you were trying to swallow down tasted so bitter. You were plagued by the thought that maybe you could have done something to help her, keep her calm and safe. In the end though, some cruel stranger stabbed her in the bathroom.

The second kill, though you'd only personally witnessed one so far, poor Junko. Just one though. Was that something to be grateful for? Perhaps you just ought to count your blessings that you were still alive.
Leon certainly was, as he sat there opposite you, happily wolfing down his food. He tried his hand at feigning concern for the girl he killed but it wasn't something that came easy.

So he just ate away and watched you as you mourned and moped. Even when you were so miserable you still looked beautiful to him. His perfect someone, and you didn't even realize it yet.
But you would. Soon enough...

For now though, he tried to be patient. He tried to take his sweet time so he wouldn't scare you off.
Yet that also proved to be far too difficult.

He was still 'innocent', yet another bigger problem was haunting him. That problem came in the form of every other person that surrounded you. Every fool who saw fit to approach you, talk to you, look at you, even breathe the same air as you.

It made him mad.
Mad enough that he could kill.

Yet in his cruel and twisted mind it was wholly justified. He had good reason to kill all of them.
Aoi? She was way too friendly with you.
Chihiro? Completely suspicious.
Mondo? He fancied himself your boyfriend too, didn't he?
Celestia? She saw fit to critique your fashion.
Byakuya? Because he looked down on you.
Makoto? How could anyone trust someone who got in by luck?

All of them. They were all tainted.

But he knew they weren't the only ones at fault. Alas, as much as he hated to admit it, you were in the wrong too.
He wouldn't kill you, that would be a stupid move. Rather...he'd teach you a little lesson. Make sure you knew just who you ought to be grateful for here. Who you ought to be spending all your precious, finite time with.

Leon set it up cleverly. He'd spent enough time staring and studying to know the right things to say or do to prompt them to come here. Here to this precious spot where he got to show off his swings, this time with human flesh as a target, and you for a petrified spectator.


“Haa...I'm workin' up a sweat.” Leon pulled the bat over the back of his shoulders, still slightly bloodied from any necessary pummeling. Most of them went down easy by these means he had initially planned though. Baseball after baseball, tossed in the air, hit, sent shooting towards their tied up bodies as they writhed and screamed in agony with every blow.

You did a lot of writhing too, and boy did you scream. He liked it though. It was amusing. Even arousing.
“Don't tire yourself out [Y/N], wouldn't want your voice to be hoarse for later.” he shot you a menacing glance as you remained pinned to the chainlink fence around the perimeter. Your arms were both tied up with cords he'd found, utilizing that time after he knocked you unconscious to make sure you wouldn't be able to move when you came to again.

All you could do was hang there weakly and sob, watching him as he murdered each and every one of them. Some of them friends, some foes, some you were simply indifferent to. None of them deserved this though. Not one.
It was beyond cruel, it was completely fucked! Why!? Why was he doing this!?

When the last baseball rolled to a stop in a smear of blood, he could finally let his bat rest. Makoto's body hung limply from the pole he'd been tied to. His eyes were as hollow as Sayaka's had been. Man...his first kill seemed so distant now.

You had cried yourself completely dry, and all you could do at this point was occasionally hiccup while you remained helplessly trapped. Leon tossed the bat to join the rest of the offal and casually walked your way, eventually reaching your body and stepping up close to it. His shirt was pristine white, yet you could smell death all over him. It clung to him now. It would never wash off.

“Monster...” you squeaked in something of a croak, and he only chuckled, hand coming up to give your cheek a few sharp pats.
“There there, get it all out. Don't you have anything worse to call me? No?” he heard only silence from your end now, so he simply shrugged and gripped the chainlink above your head, pressing his body against yours and coming nose to nose with you. Only then did you whimper, and look into those bright blue eyes with terror.

“Please? Please what?” Those pinprick pupils observed every inch of your face, not shielded by a single blink for even a second.
“Please don't kill me...”

He cracked a pure-toothed smile.

Those widened lips came upon your own far too quickly. His kiss caught you by surprise, and you could only tense up, shivering as his tongue forced its own way in and allowed him to taste you. Somehow it made you even weaker than you already were.

Leon's kiss turned tender but still you didn't reciprocate. It irked him enough to make him nip your tongue, but not to the extent that he truly got mad. He kept his cool, knowing that Monokuma would have likely been impressed by his show, knowing that you'd no doubt be able to spend your lives together here, trapped in this school forever.
Everything worked out perfectly in the end.

He pulled back, batting away the saliva string and smiling at you deliriously, his cheeks a little pink despite it all.

“Why would I kill the one I love?”

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