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What did he want in this life? What did he want to take from this world that was presented before him?

Fame? Riches? Women?

No...maybe once upon a time he would have only cared about such simplistic things. Yet now he knew there was something far better for him out there. Something he lusted for, no, something he was simply greedy for. When the homunculus saw what he wanted, he would reach out to take it. He would never let it go.

And that was you.

You, in all your beautiful, almost untouchable glory. Your plush and precious skin, your soft locks of shiny hair, your eyes that glimmered with all the colors he adored.

How fair was it that someone like you could come along, and then he would be expected to simply...ignore it? People would have argued in their sanity that he had no right to do this. He would have argued in his insanity that he ought to.

After all...if Greed didn't act, then that would be it. You'd slip from his grip and vanish forever...never to be his.

Fame rose and fell like tides, it wasn't something you could so easily control yourself anyway. Money was easy to find, there was always more of it. And other women were pretty much always the same.

You were the only one who stood out to him.

That was why he had done this. Cornered you in one alleyway and knocked you clean out before you'd had even the slightest chance of resisting. He made sure not to injure you, not to mark you too much in any way. He just wanted to ensure that you were safely his from now on...

Beautiful, perfect, you.

Which led you both to the present time...

“Let GO of me!!”

You demanded as you were dragged into the basement bar by this scoundrel. In a way you'd almost anticipated that he'd show up at some point. Ed and Al had mentioned to you, warned you when you were going out alone later in the day, that he was someone to watch out for. Yet you would have anticipated him simply attacking you (something which you could have at least used your alchemy skills against), instead of...well...kidnapping you.

That was what this appeared to be. Greed's grip was strong, so even if you had ended up waking partially down the steps to this place, your efforts to get free had been cut short as soon as he grabbed ahold of you. Now, it was nothing but a simple swing, hauling your elbow forward, and you collapsed to the floor by his feet.

He locked the door behind you, the mechanism making a horrible grinding sound as it shut properly. How old was this place?

“You-!!” you quickly tried to say something, but with the far taller fellow suddenly dropping to a crouch over you, shadow cast deeply, you squeaked and shut up.

“You're stubborn, but I like that. It makes it that much more fun to try and wear you down.”

Nothing he was saying made any sense to you. He was a homunculus. He was affiliated with those other sinister people who had attacked you three before. He no doubt wanted the same thing, for the boys to craft him a Philosopher's Stone. That was what they were all angling for, right?

So if he'd captured you like seemed he wanted to lure them both to you. Yet...there was a sense of permanence about proceedings. Like the way he had locked that door behind the both of you. Did he intend to keep you here with him indefinitely?

And if so...why?

“...What do you want with me?” you finally decided to ask, clearly nervous. Greed reveled in that much.

“What do I want? Well, it's simple really...” he chuckled, and tilted his head just a little to the left, studying you from head to toe in a manner that made you squirm slightly against the floor beneath you, “-I want to romance you and make you mine. Should be easy enough...”

Easy!? This guy really is a scumbag!

“Like hell!” you only snapped at him, and all he did was laugh.

For a while, you spent your time trying to find a way out. You checked every corner of the bar he had taken you to, finding beds in the back and a surprisingly clean bathroom too, but no way out. It felt like being in a bunker, which was probably why he had taken you to this place. You were trapped just like a bug under a glass.

“Drink up. I chose something sweet so I know you'll be able to handle it.”

Greed's voice was close by your ear. He'd made sure that your stools were basically pressed against one another, and he might as well have been sitting right on top of you.

“...Damn. I try to show you some fucking hospitality, and this is the thanks I get? Sue me, I guess.”

You didn't know why he was mentioning the word 'thanks'. What on earth would you thank him for?

'Thank you for kidnapping me.'

'Thank you for locking all the doors in this shitty underground bar so I can't escape.'

'Thank you for ruining whatever life I had before.'

Somehow...none of those options quite had the right ring to them...

“...Fine. Be that way. Eventually you'll feel the same way about me as I do about you. It's only a matter of time...” he rolled his eyes like a stroppy teenager and circled around to the other side of the bar. You watched him in silence as he shifted through the various bottles on the shelves, trying to figure out what else he could down in an instant to ease this stress a little.

None of his other posse members were here right now. It was just you and him, and it would probably be that way for another couple of hours yet.

“...” you suddenly, angrily, swiped your glass aside, and it smashed on the floor. He turned instantly as it happened, and stared at you with those sharp purple eyes. The shards of clear glass joined the tinted ones from his shades you broke earlier.

“...You have a habit of trashing my things. I get it.” he turned fully and placed both palms against his side of the bar, looking over at you with a surprisingly relaxed smile. “You hate me, I get it. You don't love me, I get it. But here's something I do get...”

His finger suddenly lifted, and pointed right at you. You recoiled slightly, almost feeling attacked just by the gesture, and you watched, as his lips split apart into a wide, shark-toothed grin.

“Everything I want. Eventually.”

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