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“Sir! Are you alright!?”

Tch! So much for the populace giving two shits. You'd watched this poor guy tumble down and faceplant without anyone so much as moving an inch to help him. It was especially inexcusable when you couldn't not notice him, what with that cotton blue hair he had.

“I am so sorry...” you apologized on the behalf of every passer by who just kept on going along the street like they couldn't care less. Some would have probably felt for him but merely hesitated. You hoped.
“No there's...there's no need for you to apologize.” the man insisted, fixing his designer shades only for them to fall apart like tissue paper. As the plastic clattered down from his fingers he quickly turned his head.

You had already caught a glimpse though. Those clouded eyes.
Your own widened, and that sense of 'shame on you' towards others only grew.

He was blind.

“Oh goodness...I...” you'd partially covered your mouth before you realized what you were doing. Wasn't this just a bad way to react? This poor guy had to deal with that impairment every day, he didn't need you to remind him that it wasn't a good thing.

“...Your glasses.”
“Ah.” he bent down to pick up the shards, feeling around for them, but you were quick to help. You crouched down beside him over the pavement and sorted out the pieces.
“Here, let me-”

Suddenly your knuckle brushed against his. It may have been too much like movie magic, but it happened anyway, and both of you were startled.
There was a pause.

Then...a gentle chuckle from him. He showed off pristine teeth as his mouth widened into a smile. “Rather cliché, hm?”
“Oh...” you flushed and nodded. “Yeah.”

Both of you stood up then and you collected the pieces together in your own palms. “Sorry to say but it isn't looking too good.”
“I had a feeling...” he sighed, before running a hand through his hair. His brow furrowed. “I suppose I'll just have to go buy a new pair.”

Now this was an opportunity. Not only would you feel good for helping him out would mean spending a little more time with this fellow. And you had to admit were definitely drawn to him. He may have despised those misty eyes of his, but now that you really looked at them you couldn't deny that there was something very alluring about them.
About him in general.

“Shall we go together? I can tell you what looks good.”

V agreed to it. He told you to call him that, 'V', even though it couldn't be his actual name. It only added to the undeniable mystery surrounding him. Who was he really?
It made you curious...and you weren't the only one.

The feeling was mutual. Even if he couldn't see you, V knew.
You were it. You were the one.

For a long time he had been biding his time, hoping that someone would come along. Someone who could save him.

When Rika blinded him he had seen the true extent of human cruelty...and had come to believe that was all there was. Any kindness shown to him since then had seemed so fake. It had felt like he could never trust another.
And you were.

Like a blessing. Like an angel.

Your scent. The softness of your skin and your voice. The way you showed such concern for a stranger. He didn't need to see what you looked like to know that you were absolutely beautiful.
It was immediate. He needed you desperately.

You shopped for sunglasses together, and the whole time he may as well have been staring at you. It was impossible to look away. You drew his clouded eyes like a magnet, and the more time he spent with you, the more he felt like he needed you.


That may have been the first time you ever met, but you only got closer from then on out. It was a source of pride for you, being able to accompany him on his excursions and give him so much more confidence. For him though...these meetings had taken on a whole new meaning.

It only meant...seeing you. Feeling you. Hearing you. Even smelling your sweet scent when you drew closely.
His precious angel. He wanted to know you in every way he could.

He'd do anything for it...

...It was dark.
You swore you'd opened your eyes. But it was dark.

You felt...detached. Almost like you were floating somehow, yet you knew you were grounded, you could feel the floor beneath you. How did this make any sense?
What was going on?

That voice. You knew that voice.
It was him. The man who had you call him 'V'.
“...V? That's you?”

Now that you had some sort of tangibility, some sort of idea at least as to who you were with, you made to shift and pull away what you now realized was a thick piece of cloth across your eyes. Maybe he'd been wanting to surprise you or something...but you couldn't recall...

There was another thing you couldn't do either. You couldn't move your hands.
Not even slightly. They were cuffed behind your back.

Instantly you were shifting more wildly in your trapped spot, feeling something hard press against your right shoulder blade when you jerked backwards, and realizing that it was a pole you were attached to. Breaking out in a cold sweat, you started panting as you realized you weren't going anywhere.

“Please don't panic.”
He spoke so calmly, it was eerie.
“I didn't tie you up like that so I could hurt you. Nor did I take you here so I could scare you...”

'Here'? He didn't elaborate, but you could guess this was a space he owned, and which nobody else would see. Why else would he feel confident imprisoning an innocent little thing like you here?

“Rather I...” V paused momentarily, his voice cracking a little. He composed himself: “Rather I was starting to develop these...paranoid feelings. I suppose...after what I've been through myself...I feared that the same thing might happen to you somehow-”
“B-but you blindfolded me!!” you suddenly snapped. You couldn't see anything regardless!
“...Yes I...I did. But I haven't harmed you...not yet.”

Not yet.
Not yet. Not yet. Not yet.

You felt sick.

“It's better to ease you into this. That's why I tied you up as well. It's better too, to do things this way, rather than let someone else harm you or take you from me.” V's voice wavered as those unstable emotions loomed again, “If you ever left me I'd...I think I might die from that. You wouldn't want me to die, would you [Y/N]?”

You only wanted him to let you go. You stayed your silence though, knowing there was no point begging for that right now.

“I know. She may have, but not you. You're too kind. You're too precious for a world like this. That's why I only saw fit to save you while I had the chance...”
V's lips curled up in a sickening smile you couldn't see, his already pale eyes somehow turning even whiter.
“In time too...once you're ready...I'll be able to give you full salvation. You were kind enough to do it for me when I felt so hopeless...”

He let out a shaky breath, and you sensed something coming closer to your face.
“So it's the very least I could do...”

His thumb pressed and brushed against your lower lip, and immediately you jerked your head to the side to shake his touch away. V recoiled, but then allowed his slender hand to clench.
“...See...this is why you need time to adjust. I want you to desire this as much as I do, [Y/N].”

Sniffing, you let a tear fall freely from beneath the blindfold.
“What are you going to do to me?”

There was the sound of soles squeaking and shifting, as he straightened up and towered over you, sitting there limply on the basement floor.
“Well it's rather simple. When I feel the time is right, I'll make you just like me. Only then will we be able to fully connect with one another. We're so close, [Y/N]...”

He sighed with a romantic tone, sounding captivated as he swiveled to walk for the basement stairs.
“Just one more step...”

His voice grew more distant, but didn't disappear before he could leave you with some final, haunting words.

“Until then, my angel~”

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