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It tasted

The gentleman with purple hair allowed his long and slender fingers to slide down the remaining stretch of your tongue until they popped free from your mouth. You were left with that quickly melting cube of sweetness, dissolving into a delicious pool in your maw.

Every single one of your tastebuds was tantalized, but it wasn't just from the chocolate.

You had been coming here for weeks now. Every day you'd find some excuse to take the detour after college classes so you could pop in for a little treat. At first the man who owned this place had treated you just like he would any customer, politely, warmly, always carrying himself very properly too.

Yet there had been a glimmer in those mysterious eyes of his from the first moment they laid upon you. He watched with an almost eager feeling as you surveyed the carefully crafted chocolates he had made, looking over every ornate display and transparent case with clear admiration.

So you admired his skills, and you managed to be alluring in your own ways too. Your pretty face, your lithe figure and delectable demeanor. From then until now, his fascination had only grown, and just as you enjoyed visiting this chocolate shop of his, he looked forward to when you would come.

Gradually, over time, those desires of his began to grow more intimate. The first time he had offered you a freshly made sample he had allowed you to take it from a tray. Then, his palm. Then, he had taken to feeding it to you himself...
“Here, allow me~”

Until now, where he wouldn't hesitate to touch you in a manner that only a boyfriend might do. He watched your flustered face, the vermilion flush laden thickly upon your cheeks, and it reminded him of why he had started this whole business in the first place.

Cute little things like you loved chocolate, almost always without fail. Even better if that chocolate was shaped beautifully into little butterflies, hearts or roses, and all tied up in ribbons. Food had become scarce in his usual spot ever since that fiercely competitive Rize had started claiming every inch of Ghoul ground as her own. So he had adopted other means of getting what he wanted.

A honey trap, if you will.
And you had fallen right into it. Though you weren't sticky yet, you were undoubtedly sweeter than any candy he could make, no matter how much sugar went into it.

Your expression so innocent, those eyes wide and watching him with some degree of awe. You didn't really know how to react to what he had just done, did you? It was the first time he had given you a sample that way, but as your trembling fingers reached up to your own plush lips, you touched them with a soft smile.

“ was delicious.” you told him, keeping your eyes cast down at your polished patent shoes. He only tilted his head, that handsome face of his smirking.

Just like that, putty in his hands. He could allow them to stroke beneath your jaw and cascade over your cheeks, and though you'd stiffen with nerves you still wouldn't run away from him. You were too caught up in this all, not realizing sooner that every visit you made to this perfect chocolatier just gave him more and more power over you.

Yet as he allowed his thumb to brush across your parted lips, and leaned in with a fresh cube of cocoa between his teeth, he had to wonder. As tasty as you looked, and as easy as it would seemed like such a waste to consume you.

Rather, he liked the idea of seeing you always. With him he never even had to wait to see your beautiful self walking in through those front doors. In fact, with you by his side, he'd be as well keeping them locked forever anyway. He'd have what he really wanted, moreso than any amount of meat. He was willing to choke down as many of these saccharine, sickly confections as required if there was nothing else he could eat. A rarity such as yourself wouldn't face the same fate.

For he didn't want to kill you. He just wanted to keep you.
And kiss you, again and again, just as he did right now. He let you taste the candy he'd made, but his tongue soon took over and ensnared yours, ensuring you wouldn't be forgetting it. His palm smoothed down your hair and some strands were caught and clenched between his fingers.

That effect of his only proved as potent as ever, as you sank against him, eyes closing and knees buckling weakly. He may as well have been holding the most fragile doll with how much you entrusted yourself to him there and then. This endeavor of his had really paid off in the end.

Now he could keep you forever. Preserve that delicate sweetness of yours forever. Ensure you were with him forever.

Just like one of his finest chocolates.

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