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[...[Y/N], are you awake?]

You groaned. The screen on your phone was shining down on you like a thousand suns right now, and you weren't ready for it. Damn, it was 3AM and he chose to message you now of all times?
Clumsily, you texted back:

ME: [yep am now]

Those damn dots. They seemed to last an eternity on your end. At least he wasn't one of those people who would spend five good minutes pondering their reply and leaving you with baited breath, only to send a simple 'k'. Though was it really any better when you knew you were going to get a novella any minute now?

Y: [Sorry if I woke u TT^TT Didn't mean to but I just wanted to talk]
His was a little more verbosely worded, not too bad though, and with a feeling of guilt you forced your sleepy self up on your elbow, figuring you might as well stay up with him for a little while. You didn't have plans tomorrow anyway...
ME: [It's fine. You ok?]
Y: [Mhm! ^-^]
Y: [Well...there was something I wanted to talk about kinda]

Furrowing your brow, you forced yourself fully up against your pillows, reaching around your shoulder awkwardly so you could fix them into a comfier position before replying:

ME: [Yeah ok. Whatsup?]
Y: [I don't want to be nosy but what did you get up to today?]
ME: [stayed home and watched hwarang reruns, why?]
Y: [Oh :I]
ME: [Why?]

Sighing, you waited on him again, setting your phone aside briefly so you could fumble around for your charger. Battery was running low...

Reaching down over the side of your bed, you found the cable where it always lay, knuckle brushing one of the fluffy plushies you must have let fall down into the void there. Pulling it up, you jammed it in the bottom just in time for the buzz.

Y: [It's weird cuz I saw you with V today o3o you were getting coffee together]

“...The hell?”
You spoke aloud uneasily, shivering hands making the phone quiver in your hold, like some kind of restless heartbeat. And yours was.
ME: [Oh yeah I forgot. Yeah we did.]
Y: [Aha~! Oh you forgot, silly >3>]
ME: [yeah anyway I better get some sleep]

You didn't even know if you wanted to pursue that any further. Weird that he was aware you'd been together...

Y: [Ah don't go yet!!!]
ME: [ok?]
Y: [I have another question :3]
ME: [shoot]

You had to wonder what he was going to ask next. Maybe he desired to know the intricacies of the frappucino you'd ordered. Or rather, V had ordered for you. Hey, you weren't one to refuse chivalry.

Y: [I think it's kind that you spend time with V in public ^^]
ME: [Thank you]
Y: [It must be hard for him...T – T]
ME: [It is]
ME: [Did u have a question?]

Y: [...[Y/N], do you have a crush on V?]
Y: [It's ok you can say]

Hoo boy. You were 100% not awake enough for this right now. Yes you were single and looking, but that didn't mean that you...

ME: [just friends for now]
Y: [For now?? 0o0]
ME: [yeah so is that your question?]
Y: [So you like him??]

“...” you paused to let out a weary yawn and shook your head. Nope. You weren't doing this right now.

ME: [goodnight!]
Y: [Wait!!!]
ME: [What]
Y: [I asked him.]
ME: [Asked who?]
Y: [V]

ME: [Asked him wha]
ME: [*t]
Y: [If he loves you and he said no T3T he said he hates you [Y/N] ;^;]
ME: [haha]
Y: [No really!!]
Y: [Well...maybe I made him say it...]
ME: [What does that mean??]

The pause this time was far too tense.

Y: [I made him with a little something~ shaaaarp]
ME: [Dont joke about that]
Y: [No really [Y/N], wanna see??]
Y: [He's here right now but he won't talk okay? -3- no questions]

There it was. The missing sound of a skipped beat.

ME: [what do you mean hes here]
Y: [He's too heavy so I only took some with me >3~]
ME: [What. Do. You. Mean.]


For fucks sake Yoosung, this isn't a business meeting. Answer!


What the hell is taking him so long!?

Y: [I'm here now ^^.]

You felt sick. This had to be a prank he was playing, right? It would explain the ungodly hour he messaged you at. Added tension, right?

ME: [Quit it, I'm actually serious now. Stop.]
Y: [;=; You don't believe me??]
ME: [No I don't!!]
Y: [Two seconds [Y/N]~~]

You waited. This was the last time you would. Any more bullshit and you were switching this damn thing off.

Y: [Okay! Ready!!]
ME: [Ready for what]

Y: [Switch on your bedside lamp [Y/N] ^^]

A sharp chill ran up your spine and you froze like rock. It felt like the device might slip from your tender hand. Slowly, shakily, your eyes swiveled around to the dark pitch beside your bed. Just a little stretch and finding that button would be even easier than finding your charger.

...Why were you so hesitant? You were being ridiculous! There was nothing to be afraid of.

You reached out and flicked on the bedside light.

Yoosung smiled right back at you.

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