“I-i-it's f...f-freezing...”


Your body was chilled to the bone. The biting winter wind had wound its way through all your veins and nerves, leaving you numb enough as you hobbled in through the shack door. This feeble excuse for a place to rest was the best the three of you could find out here in the wilderness.


“It's a miracle it even has a bed.” Reiner commented dryly, casting his amber eyes around the dusty wooden floors and walls, observing where some parts had rotted away with neglect. Thankfully whoever used to live here was no remaining trace of a blood splatter. Hopefully they were living away somewhere else, happily.


Not that he was supposed to care about humanity. But he couldn't help it. Even behind the walls, he'd found many friends, and it tortured him daily to even consider how he had to lie to them. At times, he didn't even realize he was doing it. No doubt, it was tough for Bertholdt too.


You were among those oblivious to their true intentions. As far as you knew, they were just the buff and tall ones among your Survey Corps members, in the same way that Levi was the fierce shorty, Ymir was the epitome of intimidation, Mikasa was...possibly obsessive...and so on and so forth. If Connie and Sasha were the comedy relief duo among your peers, then Reiner and Bertholdt were the amusing opposites.


They both stood tall, but Bertholdt far more so, a little lanky and leaning, awkward and shy whereas Reiner boasted a thicker figure and a stern attitude. He was brash and bold in Bertholdt's place.


Being with these two, you always felt very safe. Going on an expedition, you were glad you'd been teamed up, even if now you were lost in the forest and left with scraps for the night.


As you approached the bedroom you noted that the bed itself was perhaps a little thinner in wideness than you were used to (and you were hardly used to luxury). The sheets were thin and ragged, and the pillows were the only part that looked plump enough to rest upon. Everything else was too worn and abandoned.


“I guess it's the best we can get though...” Bertholdt muttered as he let his pack drop. You and Reiner did the same, and without the warmth of supplies on your back, you only started to shiver more. It reached the point where you could do nothing to help lifting your hands to your arms and holding them shakily.


They both watched you, concerned. They could brave this night, but you...you were going to suffer the brunt of it. Smaller, weaker, and already looking sick, they feared the worst in the morning if they didn't do something.


That was when their eyes met. Emerald and gold observed, and thought in unison.

A human body was warm. It emanated a lot of heat, much like many other animals, and so one could only imagine the coziness produced by three together.


It was bold, and neither of them were ready to confess to you quite yet (largely because they only figured they'd be at odds trying to win your affection), but given the circumstances, tact wasn't such a priority. So, Reiner made the first move, walking to your side and taking you gently by the elbow. His head gestured to the bed with a little bob;

“Go on, you take the middle.”


Immediately your cheeks flushed crimson, and you spluttered shyly:

“W-we're really all sharing it?”

“It's the only bed in this place, so unless you want the floor, yes.”


This was...not an expected turn. To actually be that close to both of them...these two men whom you had been admiring for so long...it was beyond fathoming.

Yet...you were so cold that you almost couldn't even bring yourself to hesitate. Despite the shoddy appearance, the bed beckoned...


Desperate for comfort, you ended up clambering over into the middle of it, trying not to feel too, well, uncomfortable. Yet it was hard not to feel uneasy when these two handsome men were just about to join you.


Reiner took the right of you and Bertholdt the left. Their bodies immediately felt different as they sidled closer. Bertholdt practically had to curl himself around you to even fit in the bed, his long legs always proving to be his biggest obstacle (besides his typical nervousness). Reiner was broad and firm, his defined chest like some grand board you could rest your head against.


And he encouraged you to. Again, it was a lot to happen so quickly, but he could see how tired and freezing you were. Knowing it would help, his strong arm curled itself around your waist, and yanked you closer with one swift motion. Your cheek hit his shirt, and you smelt sandalwood. Behind you, Bertholdt shifted a little closer, tentatively resting his hand on your upper arm and daring to give it a small set of chaste strokes.


Their approaches to this were certainly different. No matter though, for either way they were succeeding. Almost immediately you felt your temperature changing. The atmosphere became toasty between them, and as the quivering stopped, you began sinking peacefully into the sheets, curling up yourself and holding onto both of them in any comfortable way you could.


It was no matter that you were naive to their agenda. It was of no consequence in that moment, that in just a few days time, Eren would be at Reiner's titanic throat in some blasted showdown. It didn't even occur to you that they might try and take you away from everything you'd ever known and loved.


For now, you felt so safe.

So warm.