Maybe he worried.

Or...maybe he didn't.


The thing about Furuya was that he had such a stoic, placid expression that he was rather hard to read. You wished you could get to know him better. 'Missile Man' himself with his furrowed brow and all.


Most of the time he was alone.

Maybe he liked it that way.


Regardless, there was something about his constant refusal to completely engage that you found to be, frankly, quite compelling. He was a unique sort and it showed. Every time he was around, you could feel yourself being drawn in by him, like he was luring you closer and he didn't even have to make any effort to do so.


Those grey eyes were piercing. His short black hair suited him. The pitcher stood tall, gracing 6 foot and making you feel like a little faerie in his presence. Though whenever he was around it always tended to be brief. He made himself scarce often, so spotting him was less a regularity, more a game of chance. Like trying to find and catch some kind of Legendary Pokemon.


Sometimes you did have the opportunity to approach him and speak to him, usually when he was practicing pitching alone on the field. He would stay late and work on his Split-Finger Fastball, his Vertical Slider or...well...whatever. Either way, that was the best time, technically, for a conversation. were scared. He wasn't malevolent or malicious in any capacity. It was just the fact that he was so...well...quiet. And so hard to read. If you looked at him in any moment, it was tricky to tell what he was really feeling. Hell, it wasn't unusual to wonder if he hated some people just because of the way he looked when they talked to him.


One evening though, late after classes were done, you saw him working away behind that fence again, and decided it was time. If not now, then probably never, right?

You'd at least say 'hello' and then see what happened...


Walking inside, you felt understandably tense about everything, but just sought to stay as calm as you could. No point in freaking out, it definitely wouldn't be a good look. As for him, he was so focused on what he was doing that he didn't really seem to notice you until you were close enough.


Then, he lowered his hand, and looked over. Instantly, the ball dropped from his grip. Call it dramatic, but that was exactly how he reacted when he saw you, and for once it seemed that typically still expression had cracked a little.

His eyes were wider. You could tell his jaw was also a little slacker.



He murmured your name almost as if it were completely foreign to him. Shifting awkwardly in place, you smiled and nodded sheepishly. Inside though, you were silently losing it. He actually knew your name!?

“ if this is weird or anything. I just wanted to come and talk to you, I feel like I see you around a lot but we've never even spoken. It's...Furuya, right?”


As if you didn't know already.


He eyed you for just a moment, before then acknowledging as much with a nod of his own. Being held captive by his gaze like this...honestly you were at a loss on how to even cope. He surely knew the effect he had on people, didn't he? This felt so crazy to even be doing, because you were so sure you'd just make him despise you or something.


Even if you were trying your best.


Funny then, that everything you assumed just simply wasn't quite the case. Yes, Furuya perhaps came across as being chilly. Yet internally he was also having his own little meltdown.

You were talking to him.


That was...honestly a lot. For he knew you too well. He'd seen you wandering the corridors of the school, caught you watching him play from the corner of his eye, spotted you studying on your own sometimes, diligently so. Not to be creepy or anything, he just found you fascinating.


From top to toe, you were everything he desired, and yet something always held him back. He was worried. Worried about you rejecting him. Worried that you'd see him badly, and he never wanted that to happen. It was just difficult for him to be a 'people person', really, and he wondered if anyone else could truly understand that. It was always so hard.


You seemed to find it much easier though. Here you were, approaching him. Still he was afraid though. Afraid that he'd scare you off unintentionally, and this would be the last you'd see of one another. No...he couldn't let that happen...




Now was his chance, and so he turned fully to your shy little figure and tried to relax himself. Approachability would be so key here.

“...I notice you watching me practice sometimes.” he admitted, and you were instantly flustered into red.

“ do?”

“Mmhm.” he had to look aside quickly. Something about your reaction set him off too much, and he dabbed his nose.


“-Anyway I think you'd enjoy it more if you came to a proper game. My next one...if you want to support me then it's a good idea.”

His invite was partially muttered but you heard it all. It only made your spirits lift, and a little beam tug at your lips. He really wanted that, did he?


Of course you'd be there. Of course you'd watch him.

All in all, you were just relieved.


This was a good decision after all. Perhaps he was a little softer than you thought...