“I already told you, didn't I? I hate liars.”


Though he loved you, it was nonetheless true. Those sharp eyes, peering at you over the bandages on his lower face, told no lies themselves. Right from the get-go you had been privy to just how twisted he was, and yet you'd foolishly stayed as if you might imagine changing him somehow.


It was always foolish, but you'd never felt a bigger fool than you did right now.


Isaac had the complete wrong impression. He thought you were cheating on him, was that it? Why would you ever be such an idiot!?

You knew far better than to cross him like that.


Besides, it wasn't like you didn't love him. It was just...well one person could never be so fully committed that they never talked to another, could they? It was an ask too large to even consider.


His anger came like a wave when you didn't answer (though sincerely, what were you even supposed to say?), and surged for you through the darkened hallway, pursuing you as you went spinning on your heel and sprinting. It was wise to run, for there was a high chance he'd strike you down if he managed to reach you.


Dark haired, cruel eyed, and fast as hell. That scythe he'd taken as his weapon was going to make short work of you as soon as he caught up. You didn't think he would hesitate, not when he was so bloodthirsty. His head was in kill mode, and you were his sole target.

Love might be cast aside in this case.


This hallway looked like it would go on forever, but the darkness only gave way to a dead end. Gasping with shock, you nearly ran right into the wall, and caught yourself carefully against it before you could break your nose or anything.


Turning round quickly, you saw him closing in with that creepy grin, splitting his bandages apart. He was so much taller than you, it made you feel as if you were physically shrinking when he approached. His shadow fell on you, as did his weapon, a sharp slice cutting through the air before it plummeted against the wall beside your head.



A sharp, startled yelp left you as it happened, leaving a dent that could have easily been carved into your skull if you weren't careful.

Not that you had anywhere else to run now.


“There we go. I finally caught you~”

Leaning in closer, his cold fingers slipped beneath your chin and tilted your jaw up at an angle, while he drew his face towards yours. Those eyes that scared you so now studied every inch of your nervous expression, taking in the sight of it like it was some kind of fine art.


Something about you...he wanted to clutch it tighter than anything else. Even if it hurt, he was going to make sure he kept you in his possession. Even if you cried, he didn't care. It wasn't as if he hadn't caused a lot of pain already.


Though that was different, wasn't it?


To kill...was an entirely separate beast. Did he wish to inflict you with that? You may have thought so, but it was not his intention. Rather, all he wanted was for you to feel it.

Fear. Palpable fear.


It was certainly working. You had never looked so scared before.



Isaac's head tilted to the right. He seemed curious to a creepy degree.

“You look like you're being honest right now. But how can I trust you? What if you're seeing someone behind my back and I don't even know about it?”


“I-I would never do that!” you reasoned with him shakily. He only clicked his tongue with a disapproving tut, and raised a brow skeptically.

“Somehow I don't believe it. I think you're fucking around with me...”


He muttered that much as he pressed his chest against yours, his voice becoming all you could hear as his mouth graced the edge of your ear. You could feel his lips move as he spoke, and the rough feeling of the bandages everywhere else.


Everything about him was encroaching your space right now, and you had no idea how to process it. It was overwhelming...

The blood stained his clothes and you could smell it. Past kills, with you no doubt set to become a present one-


“But...I know you love me really. Isn't that right?”

When he asked you that, you knew better than to do anything except agree wholeheartedly. Your head nodded vigorously, nerves cracking, body trembling.


You had to convince him.


“O...of course I love you.”


Thankfully...he seemed to buy it. When you spoke those words, he let his weapon slide down the wall, grinding against the stone in a sharp, ear bleeding manner. His hands then took you by both arms, and he pulled you in, as if there were any space left to fill.


His lips on yours tasted like blood too.


By the time he pulled away again, you were far too weary to do anything but allow his own hold to support you. Captive in his arms again.


At least you were alive though.

At least you knew better than to lie.


Not to him.