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His power...
It was a gift...yet it was also a curse. For you anyway.

It gave the redhead an edge, a Sword of Damocles to hang over your head whenever you took a misstep. In his eyes, a mistake like that could really be as simple as you even paying the tiniest portion of attention to another man, or woman for that matter. Whoever it was, it didn't matter what was happening. It didn't matter how minor.

He'd hold out his hand and your world would crumble. He didn't even have to touch you, but you'd feel it tightening around your neck like a steady noose, a shrinking circle, compressing and choking until your knees practically snapped, buckling completely.

Only then would he cease.

Cal was...obsessed with you. That was the simplest way to put it. Ever since you started your training together, he had been unable to tear those deep eyes of his away from yours. Everything about you. Your soft lips, your delicate gaze, your gorgeous figure.

How could he be expected to stand by and let that slip away?

He didn't even really care about his training. It didn't matter what planet he was treading on, because whenever he saw you, you were practically his entire world. You surrounded him. You were his total obsession.

“...I love you, [Y/N].”
Those words were spoken near your ear, and your legs froze. This was clever...this was oh so clever. Cornered round a ruin in Dathomir, surrounded highly by stone, pinned and caged in by natural formations and alike.
Nobody would find you here.

Cal had you in his arms too. His poncho had been tossed aside against another rock, and his body was pressed up against your own, and you could feel the cold stone against your own back. Without it, you could see his dark clothing and how it clung to his body. His figure...

Honestly, he was attractive. You'd always thought so. From his auburn hair to his light green eyes. Yet his toxic personality was enough to make you want to charter a ship to some far off, distant world where he'd never find you. It terrified you, the fact that he had become so fixated.

As if he'd never, ever leave you alone.
You truly doubted he would.

“Do you love me?” he pulled back from a hug he'd forced upon you, and waited patiently. It only made you hesitate, turning your head away a little. With no answer, he felt anxious.
“Answer me, [Y/N]...please...”

He was asking tenderly now. Sure enough though, when you still refused to talk, that was when his temper ran its course, and his hand quickly raised. With a sharp, petrified gasp, you yelped as your body was slammed more forcefully against the rock wall. His stepped back, and guided you with a raising arm, dragging your hanging figure up and up against the tanned stone.

All the while you kicked and writhed, clutching at a grip that wasn't even there.

The boy just watched you calmly, continuing to torture you like that until finally he felt he'd managed to get the message across. His hand dropped, as did you, and with a heavy thud you smacked against the ground at his feet.
With a pained groan, you pushed yourself up a little, only for his hand to take your chin and make your head raise regardless.

Looking up at him tearfully, you saw some sort of sadness in his gaze. You wondered if it was even genuine though. Maybe he enjoyed this.

“...I really hate to hurt you, [Y/N]...” his head tilted slightly, expression placid as ever, “All I want is to hear the right answer...”

Leaning in a little closer again, he tightened his hold and wrenched your upper body closer, chest to chest once again. All you could feel was his hot breath upon your face. All you could see were those two green eyes piercing through you.

“So I'll ask it again. Do you love me?”

Shutting your eyes only let tears fall. A whimpered response emerged, but you and he no doubt knew you barely meant it.

“...I do.”

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