“It was just a momentary lapse in judgement.”

“You almost shot my fucking ear off, Connor!”


In response, he merely blinked. His rigid, frustratingly simple android actions were a source of further irritation for you, as you glowered and straightened up again. Behind you, the rogue android fell limp to his knees, doubling over himself and spilling sapphire onto the concrete.


“Statistically it was incredibly unlikely that I would have hit you. In fact, the precise chances were 10.0786-”

“I'm not a fucking statistic Connor! Goddamn...”


Turning away from him, you walked over to where the android now sat dysfunctional. Had Connor not shot so narrowly past you in that moment, it was highly likely that this one would have got away. Once again, it seemed you had to thank that android for doing his job.


Only it was hard to thank him when he took an approach like that. His attitude was so perpetually stoic and cold, it seemed fitting for an artificial construct, but it hurt you to accept that he would never have any tenderness towards you like you may have secretly wished.


Of course, that secret of yours was buried beneath layer upon layer of cussing and aggressive approaches, as he so often served to tick you off and leave you frustrated beyond belief. He was so bothersome in that way. It annoyed you...


Yet...his built in naivete left you feeling like you could never really get too mad at him. It may have seemed that way, but really, you had no desire to hold grudges against the guy. did privately refer to him that way. Not an 'it', not a 'machine'.


He was a being of sorts, you could at least acknowledge that. His mannerisms were oddly human at times, though of course you figured he had just been programmed that way.



“...I apologize for my approach against you. Although it was carried out with good intent, I believe I may have been rash with you. I am sincerely sorry for it...”

When he said that you frowned a little, but nodded in understanding. He didn't sound totally sincere because how could he? He was talking to you with programmed lines. An apology made to sound sincere, but not really at heart.


However, you wanted to believe he was capable of that sincerity. If you truly had someone looking out for you when you were on missions like this, and they happened to be like Connor, well...

That would definitely come in handy.


Either way, you were quite overcome by stress at that point. A near death experience could do that to a person. Scoffing, you brushed past him on your way back to the cop car, intending to just take the two of you back swiftly enough.


However, he was soon by your shoulder again, and his question emerged, no doubt awaiting an answer quickly:

“I apologize for my neglect, again. I sense that you are still quite bothered-”

“Why do you think I am, huh!?”


You spun around and glared at him with daggers, but he just kept up that polite visage, always in airs. His perfectly crafted face, from that smooth black hair to his remarkably deep eyes. You could recall the mixed feelings you'd had when you first met him.


The feeling of being overwhelmed by the presence of something so...perfect. Capable and beautiful. Yet at the same time, furiously offended that they thought you could not do without something like him around you.


It was undoubtedly irritating to feel like you weren't taken seriously enough. For people to believe you were incapable somehow, without an accompaniment. And to send an android of all things...


“For quite some time now I have suspected that you may harbor some animosity towards me. Is there any way in which I could remedy that?”

His question was posed innocently enough, but you couldn't help expect glower at him angrily, before sighing out heavily, shaking your head and looking down.

“I don't know what to say. Let's just put it this way- we're not exactly the perfect fit.”


Did it hurt him to hear that? You didn't even know if he was capable of pain. He could inflict it, certainly. To feel it didn't seem he had a single fragility about him that wasn't purely a functional exploit.

All data and plastic parts. What more to him was there?


Why did you feel so compelled to find out, even still?


“Would you prefer then, if we were assigned different partners? It is perhaps worth putting a word in regarding that, you could suggest it to the higher ups.”

When he spoke those words, you narrowed your eyes even more and gripped your hands by your sides.



Connor's head tilted. He looked like a quizzical little puppy. You wanted to slap that dazed look out of his fake eyes and yet at the same time, you didn't care. You were almost glad he would still be by your side regardless, even if you were infuriated.

You decided if he would be sent away or not. It was all in your hands.


Did you want to dismiss him?



“...Forget it Connor. Just don't almost kill me again, okay? That'll be...that'll be just fine...”

He nodded, and spoke in that cheerful tone again.


Anyhow, maybe you imagined it. But he almost sounded genuine.


“I will ensure it!”