Mitsukuni, or 'Honey' as you knew him, was so sweet and innocent. It was almost something that made you worry, he was so tender that you never wanted him to get hurt in any way.


When he first met the little bunny in the courtyard you immediately fretted. What if something bad happened to it? His little heart would break...


Now you felt like you had two responsibilities. Mori had tasked you with looking out for Honey already, and beyond that, now you had to take care of this little ball of fur on top of it. Not that you necessarily hated the idea, and you were happy to do so. It was just an extra headache, that was all really.


Honey though...he was precious.


When you were with him you just felt a burning need to make sure you kept him safe. The thought of him being upset or hurt, you didn't want to even imagine it. It was heartbreaking.


Someone like him was far too pure for this world.


“We probably can't keep it in the club, Honey. It's too much responsibility, and bunnies are social creatures. It's not fair...”

You tried to explain as much, when he found the stray, and hummed when his tears began appearing. Of course, his sensitivity was showing again.


“Hey it's alright...I know you mean well, but we have to think about the bunny too, okay?”

On your haunches beside him, you pet his head as if he were some sort of little pet as well. His pale blonde locks were certainly fluffy enough, and you ruffled them, before those big eyes turned to look at you.



“Honey.” you were insistent about this, “Let's do the right thing, okay?”


What was funny was that if you had been younger, you would have agreed with him. Agreed with everything he said...wanted to keep that little rabbit too. However, it was so important to do the right thing here. So crucial in so many ways.


Otherwise he would never learn of course.


Letting it go was sad for him, to the point where he sobbed seeing it taken by the vet to be rehomed among others. It was the best option. Though Honey still turned to you afterwards and stepped up to your chest, hugging you tightly and burying his face against your front.


His tears stained your shirt, but you just stroked his back to keep him calm. Eventually he did still, and pulled back from you again.


“...It hurts...”

“I know.”


Pain didn't subside that easily either, and you knew as much. So, you wanted to help him, even just a little bit. Upon walking to school one day, the perfect idea came to mind, thanks to the sight of a small toy shop carrying something special in the window.


A plush bunny.


Naturally, there was only one person you thought of when you saw it.