You were trapped.

The curved black mirror behind you looked unassuming at first glance, but what most people didn't know was that it could serve as a twisted portal.


One which would take you straight into his world.


Adachi reveled at the fear on your face, delighting in how frightened you looked. Your whole body was quivering, pressed up to the TV, ready and unwillingly waiting for him to make his move. Once he shoved you through, put you inside, you'd never get out again unless he decided so.


It was his cruel delight. He couldn't wait to see you screaming and begging for him to let you out, on your hands and knees at his feet, willing to do anything...


His lust for you was unrivaled. When he stepped up towards your shivering figure you could hear the way his breath shuddered, see how those hooded eyes lewdly viewed you from top to toe. His hands made it clear enough when they reached out and graced you, gripping your sides, sliding down either one and taking hold of your thighs, your back, your chest.


“A-Adachi! Stop-!!”

“Go on, scream if you want to. Once I put you in there, nobody in the world is gonna hear you. Except me...”


He practically purred out his words as he violated all the space you had, invading it with his cruel and callous presence. His entire form was touching yours, you had nowhere to go except backwards.

Back, tumbling into the void.


“...Truth is [Y/N], I'm lonely.”

Adachi put on a faux tone of self-pity, faking a pout to go with it.

“For so long I've wanted someone to be there for me. And then you came along...”


His hand snaked beneath your chin and held your face captive too. Adachi bit and tugged his lip with pleasure.

It wasn't actually a lie. Truly, you were something he wanted, and he had been feeling that way ever since the day he first met you.


You insisted on spending your time with those brats though. Coddled wannabes who had no idea what the world was really like, but were arrogant enough to try and get in his way, meddle with his plans. That really pissed him off.

Yet while he'd happily tear all your companions limb from limb, you were an exception. He didn't want to put you in the TV to finish you off.


No. He wanted to keep you.


“I'm going to make you my prisoner...” he almost whispered, nose to nose with you and as devilish as ever, “Don't worry though sweetheart, I'll take good care of you. You're not like those other bitches and whores...”

He clenched his grip and you squeaked,

“No...” Adachi continued, tone low and menacing, smile growing wider, “You're really something special. That's why I'm going to make damn well sure that nobody else can ever have you. None of your precious little friends will ever see you again, how about that!?”




The kind-faced police detective you once thought you could trust. He shoved you clean through with one strong push, cackling all the way as you were sent plummeting into his trap.


“Have fun down there! I'll see you real soon~”



“Don't even think of running sweetheart~”


Wh-what is this place!? The TV World!? But...something's different!


You knew enough from all your 'meddling', but this was unfamiliar. You were surrounded on all sides by bent and broken metal, remains of abandoned buildings, some looming as tall as chipped skyscrapers in the distance. An ominous air hung over the entire place like a thick blanket, and everywhere you looked you could see yellow bands of police tape, marked with 'KEEP OUT KEEP OUT KEEP OUT'.


If only you could have been allowed to follow that advice.


Footsteps landed behind you and you shot to your feet, spinning around immediately. Luckily the fall hadn't left you injured or even hurt in the slightest, but you were bracing yourself for what he might do.


“Oh [Y/N], don't look so frightened! It's not like I'm gonna kill ya! Well...not if you behave at least.”

Adachi paced towards you slowly, his eyes practically seeming to glow golden under that disheveled dark brunette hair of his.

“And you will behave, won't you? You don't want me to have to hurt you, right?”


Taking a staggering step backwards, you clutched your other arm anxiously.

“'re sick, Adachi. You can't just do something like this and get away with it!”

“Can't I?” he smirked, and you paled further. Sighing dramatically, the taller man began walking circles around you, only mounting the tension so much higher.


“Thing is, even if you think your friends can come and save you, they won't. You already doomed yourself by refusing to go on that little trip with them, or have you already forgotten?”



You choked up. He was right of course. Yu and the others had invited you to come on an onsen field trip, a chance to get away from all the drama for the weekend. With a cold coming on though, you had foolishly refused, and now you really regretted it.


Adachi truly did have you all to himself right now.


“If you're planning on waiting it out, that's also not going to work. Because by the time I'm done with this place, they won't even recognize their precious Inaba anymore. They'll come back here and all they'll find is fog and monsters~”

“No!” you gasped, even clutching your mouth, and Adachi laughed sickeningly at your reaction.

“Yes! I'm afraid it's true sweetheart. I'm going to corrupt the real world, make it my own, and meanwhile you can stay in here and wait patiently for me. Don't worry, I'll come and visit you often. In fact, I can come here as much as I want!”


Standing before you now, he threw his arms to either side in a grand gesture, and cackled like before,

“Ahahaha! HAHAHA!! It's already too late, can't you understand that!? You and your little buddies just weren't fast enough I'm afraid. Taking a break was their last mistake, but you should have really gone with them [Y/N]. If you had, you might have stood a chance of escaping me...”


Adachi suddenly loomed over you again, cracking a twitching smile, one eye shrunk a little more than the other,

“Then again, I'd make sure to find you wherever you go. I'm not going to let you run away from me ever again. You're going to be mine forever...”



You suddenly screeched and your hand flung out towards him, smacking him clean across the cheek before you even knew what you were doing. Instantly you regretted it, recoiling and curling your digits in horror. Why the hell did you just do that!?


Adachi recovered fairly quickly from that slap. He turned his head back at a snail's pace, rubbing his jaw and keeping ominously silent as he went.

When his eyes settled on you again though, they were not the same as before.


In place of gray, you now saw gold.


That was when you knew for sure, just how badly you'd fucked up.


“...You've really done it now, [Y/N].”


“A-Adachi I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to do that, I just-- I g-got so worked up-!”


You couldn't stop trembling. The tall brown-haired man stood in silence, his face blank, eyes staring with pupils like pinpricks. They bored through you as if they were drillbits though, filling you entirely with a sense of unimaginable dread.


“I...I didn't mean it...”


At that point your voice had turned into virtually nothing but a whisper. Adachi started to advance on you slowly, and all you could do was turn tail and run.

Or try.


This world wasn't going to be kind to you. You already knew as much considering that Adachi was in jurisdiction, but even so, his dominion still found ways of surprising you. Whenever you thought you found an open passage between the stacks of rubble you'd watch with dismay as tape would strike itself across your part, sealing off the freedom you so desperately sought after.



Tears started to well in your eyes the final time it happened, enough to solidify that you definitely couldn't win here. Hearing him approaching from behind made the saltwater fall, pouring down your cheeks in ceaseless rivulets while you gnawed on your nails and whimpered constantly. Even turning around to face him was the greatest effort you had ever made.


You were so sure he was going to kill you.


Adachi was there, sure enough, and he carried the same look as before. He started to walk towards you, one dreadful step at a time, and you backed up. Close enough to the tape though, and you suddenly felt things snagging around your wrists. Snapping your gaze down, you squealed as you noticed more police tape shooting from the shadows and wrapping itself around your limbs. Your arms were wrenched back and you choked out a sob.


He's going to torture me! He's going to torture me and kill me!!


Eventually he stopped walking, but only when he was finally right in front of you. Too scared to look up, you instead stared through watery panes at his red tie, dreading the look on his face. Adachi intended to make sure you saw it though.


Fingers snagged through your strands of precious hair and pulled so hard you thought your head might pop off.


Instead it was just jerked back sharply, and you were made to gaze upon his countenance again. This time, he didn't look quite so serious.


No, he was smiling. Laughing even, and those glowing eyes of his were filled with a morbid delight.


Wincing at his louder laughter, you braced yourself while he pulled harder. How he intended to punish you, you hadn't the faintest idea, but you definitely didn't want to find out.

“...Oh [Y/N]. You really are something...”


Adachi sighed with pleasure, and leaned down over you, closing in to your view again and filling it with his own cruelty.

“See, I knew you were special. You look so sweet and innocent, but you just had the balls to hit me right in the face. It hurt too, I gotta be honest. Not bad. Not bad at all...”


Pulling back away again, you saw him start to raise his other hand, palm flat, and your breathing began to quicken to a rapid rate.


“Now it's my turn-”


His arm sharply pulled back, a wild grin filling his face as he prepared-



You suddenly started begging, crying openly with tears pouring down your face, cheeks red. “I-I'll be good, just don't hurt me! I won't disobey you again!”


Adachi paused for a moment, before slowly, gratefully, letting his hand lower again.

“...Well...I guess I don't want to ruin such a pretty face. You're lucky I'm a good guy, huh [Y/N]?”


Oh how you wanted to hit him again, and again, and again. Yet you were also so willing to do whatever you were told.


He had the upper hand here, and you weren't a fool.

You had to keep him pleased...


“I still need you to make it up to me somehow though.” he spoke again, and you swallowed tensely, not liking the sound of that. You really didn't want to do anything for him, but if he demanded it then what sort of choice did you really have?


“...What...what would you want?” you sheepishly asked, and Adachi tilted his head with a mischievous expression, before chuckling softly and then leaning in again. He turned his cheek a little, and eyed you expectantly.


“Kiss it better, [Y/N].”


Kiss Adachi!?


The thought of shuddered.

Adachi was far from an unattractive man, but his rotten heart and soul were enough to repulse you. How could you possibly kiss someone who was so evil? Even just on the felt so wrong.


But it was what he had asked of you. Refusing was a poor idea and a half.


So, albeit reluctantly, you leaned in towards his face, and pressed your lips gently against his skin. It was right where you had struck him, and you wondered if he could still feel a sting. He felt hot to the touch...


When you pulled back you looked up at him meekly, almost afraid that you had somehow managed to fuck it up anyway, despite what a simple gesture it was. Thankfully, when he looked back at you he had a pleased look on his face.


Somehow it was enough.


“Good girl~ You know how to follow orders, huh? I like it~” he grinned and rested his hand atop your head, petting it gently so. Looking down at your feet, you just kept quiet. You were so afraid to do, well, anything really. If you got on his bad side again you just didn't want to even imagine how he would take it out on you.


This was his land. Adachi controlled everything inside of the TV right now, and that meant he could create any kind of horror or nightmare for you that he wished to. This was the perfect means to torture someone. A blank canvas that he could paint however he wished.


Well, the police theme was evident at the very least. The ruination around you seemed awfully fitting considering his true personality.

Honestly, you were still trying to process and wrap your head around the fact that he was really like this beneath his seemingly innocent exterior.


Adachi had seemed so sweet at first. In fact, he had seemed sweet for a long time. He was like a charming little jokester, and if you could be totally frank with yourself, you'd even had a few feelings towards him. This side of him was hard to find the appeal when he was psychotic enough to want to kill your friends.


Some things could just not be forgiven.


Would you ever get out of here though? Or were you just trapped forever? Stuck by the side of this crazy man who seemed so creepily addicted to you?

What would ultimately become of you in this place? Would you just end up losing your mind? Falling victim to a syndrome, becoming a lover for him just how he liked?


No...surely you had to fight back. If not for your own sake, for the sake of Yu and the others.


“...What are you thinking about?” Adachi noticed how silent you were being, and so took your face between his hands and made you look up at him again. Still tied up in tape, you could only make the moves he wanted you to.

“...Nothing...” you lied, figuring that telling him what you really had in mind would be foolish. You didn't even know if you had the gall to ever enact an escape plan anyway.


“Hmm...I don't think that's true...” he uttered with a slight edge to his tone, and suddenly you felt the binds loosen from your wrists. Your body was so surprised by such that you only ended up falling forward against him. Adachi was quick to wrap an arm around you and ensure you didn't budge from there.


“Be sincere with me [Y/N]. Because I can tell when a bitch is fucking lying to me.”

His sudden shift in tone and words left you reeling. He said it all with such a relaxed expression, but those eyes of his...they were the wild part.


“...I...I just feel worried about them...” you spoke softly, tentatively. He hummed.

“Hmm? Who's 'them'? Those brats you call friends, is that it?”


They were your friends. They weren't brats, but you weren't about to try and correct him.


Adachi sighed again before suddenly turning around with you under his arm, walking with you between the destruction. You sidled along beside him, keeping your head low still, not sure what to do except follow suit. If he lost it with you again you had no idea what you would do.


“You don't need to worry about them anymore. You don't need to worry about anyone or anything anymore that isn't me. This place is your whole world now, and all you need to do is live in it. Don't worry...”

Adachi may have seemed like he was reassuring you, but you knew just how sinister his words truly were.

“I can give you anything you want. I'll keep you happy here. Anything...”


Anything, he says.


Except for the one thing you truly wanted.


Now who was the liar?