“Ah-choo-!! Ugh...”

You let out a groan and dabbed your nose with the edge of your finger. Getting sick was never a fun time, but at least you had him with you.


Here in Hasetsu, you loved watching Yuri skate up at Ice Castle like you were now, though granted, that probably wasn't helping your cold.


It seemed this was a particularly bitter time of year. Certainly you could feel it yourself, and your body was reacting appropriately enough. Things would be a lot nicer when the Spring came again.


At least it was seasonal though. Yuri was so focused on his skating recently, it made sense that the weather outside should be so chilly. Watching him was a treat anyway, regardless of a runny nose. His form on the ice was incomparable.


He was simply beautiful.



This one was louder than intended. Near the end of his practiced program he faltered because he heard it, skate slipping a little, and his head turned quickly to look at your apologetic self. You had one hand raised and the other covering your nose again.

“I'm so sorry Yuri! I couldn't help it...”


“No that's alright...I didn't realize you were sick.” Yuri spoke with some concern, coming back over with a smooth glide, and stepping off the rink. He approached you with concern and touched your shoulder gently. Meekly, you looked up at him in return.


After skating you found he always looked especially handsome. His visage was picturesque anyway, glasses on or off, but that light sweat and the way he slicked his black locks back just added something else. There was a twinkle in his eye too, usually, but right now he just looked worried.


“Do you need to go to the clinic?”

“No no-” you insisted, quickly shaking your head, “It's not that bad, just the sniffles.”

“Hmm...” he immediately felt and looked guilty about it, scuffing his skates against the ice, “I don't know...I feel bad for asking you to come out here now.”


“What?” you gasped, eyes quickly going wide before you refuted, “No no, Yuri I came here because I wanted to-”

“Maybe, but look, you still got sick...” he frowned and tapped his foot, before suddenly coming to some internal conclusion. His fingers snapped to mark it.

“Ah! That's right! Something to warm you up on the way home!”


You watched curiously as he switched his shoes and went to fetch something. When he returned again, he was carrying a paper cup, from which steam rose alongside a sweet smell.


“...What is that?” you asked him, stepping closer as he handed it over. Your hands clasped around the cup and you gazed dreamily at the brown liquid within.

“Some hot cocoa. There's a vending machine in the lobby, I almost forgot about it.” Yuri rubbed the side of his neck and smiled awkwardly, “Man, I know it's not much but I hope it warms you up a little bit. When we get back home you can curl up under the kotatsu anyway.”


Well...that sounded like a dream. As if living with Yuri wasn't already enough.


“Thank you Yuri...”

Blushing, you took a sip, and smiled.


Almost as sweet as him.