“Want my advice? Don't even look at him.”


Yata had quite the reputation among the student body. He was infamously known for being a troublemaker. If anyone crossed him, he alone was enough of a monster that sometimes they'd be out of commission for weeks. Some had 'transferred schools', but the thought of what the truth might be terrified you.


You didn't want to get on his bad side. You never wanted to.


However, it seemed impossible to avoid.


“Hey, little shit.”

A familiar hand slammed against your locker. That watch was unmistakable.

“Going somewhere?”


“ class...” you uttered behind your teeth, trying to keep calm. Snapping at him would only land you in deeper trouble.

“Heh. Star student huh?”


When you turned to leave your nose bumped into his arm. So...he had you totally cornered, did he? Nervous now, but trying not to show it too much, you turned around tensely to face his chest. He wasn't incredibly tall, just a few inches above you, but leaning over you like this you could only really focus on his shirt.


At least until he grabbed your chin and forced you to look up at him. Sharp eyes, beanie and all.


“Don't ignore me, bitch. Do you really think you're better than me or something, huh!?”

He squeezed firmly and you winced, squeaking a little bit.

“I-I wasn't ignoring you Misa—KI!”


His hand was on your neck. The sound of his true name was easily his ultimate trigger, and he made sure you knew how badly you'd fucked up with how hard he grabbed you. Your energy was sapped immediately, eyes welling with tears.


“P-please...I...I'm sorry...”


Eventually he let you go, and you sank against the locker, rubbing your now sore neck and looking at him wearily. Yata's eyes flitted to the book in your other hand, and he suddenly snatched it.

“Hey-!” you started to protest but quickly shut up. Bad idea.


“...Why are all your notes so fucking cute?” he asked as he leafed through it, and you eyed him sheepishly.

“It helps me to remember them...”

When you said that he raised a brow, before sighing and rolling his eyes.



He shoved it back into your chest again, thankfully not destroying it. You thought he'd maybe have had enough at that point, but he lingered still.

“...These lessons are bullshit anyway. Do my notes for me.”


“Are you deaf?”


He scoffed, but for once seemed to refuse to look at you. Almost as if he was feeling...shy?


“You said it helped you remember right? Make some for me too. I'll come back for them tomorrow.”


That was all he said. He assigned you with a task, and left. Sauntered off with his hands plunged deep in his pockets, stooped over and giving side eye to anyone and everyone.

The bad boy of the school wanted to swap cigarettes for pencils?


Well. Maybe not.


Maybe he just wanted a good excuse to bother you again.