You inhaled sharply and looked down at your hand. The knife now lay on the chopping word, tinged with a little crimson. The very tip of your finger was oozing a scarlet bead, and your heart surged with panic.


If this stained anything he'd have you suffer worse, wouldn't he? You'd seen what he did to were his newest captive but that didn't mean that Sangwoo would be going easy.


“C-crap! Fuck!”

Trembling, you were about to hurry over to the sink. Yet your shoulder bumped something firm and sent you off kilter, stumbling into the edge of the unit. Blinking a few times, you looked up and stared in alarm at who was there.



“What happened?”


He didn't let you move. His hand shot out and snatched your wrist, gripping it firmly and jerking it up towards his eyeline. The blood trickled freely down your finger, droplets tumbling to the floor by his feet regardless. You whimpered watching, and feeling his grip. The tan haired man was so strong...if he got angry at you, you dreaded to even imagine what he might be capable of doing...


“...I...I cut myself...”

“You cut yourself. And what were you gonna do about it?”

“W...wash my finger...”


Sangwoo's head tilted. Sometimes it went so far to the side that you seriously got worried that he was going to lose it. Like it would just roll right off his shoulders.



Without a word, he started to lift your digits to his maw. You were worried about what he would do to you. Bite off your finger cleanly?


Well, not quite.


As he let it slip past his lips you clenched your brow and braced yourself, waiting for the worst. Yet all that happened was his tongue delicately wrapping itself around your finger, lips pursing, sucking away the scarlet evenly as it remained trickling and humming with pleasure as it happened.


“A-ah-- S-Sangwoo!” you gasped and flushed pink.


Letting it pop free, he lowered your hand in his, then let it go.

“Wrap it up. Don't let it happen again. And don't-”

Sangwoo leaned in closer and jabbed his own finger against your heart.


“Don't let it happen again.”