You hated that name. Sure, the history was nice enough, but in the present it was bitter. You were jaded.


Ayato claimed you from day one. He made sure to corner you quickly before any of his brothers or other families could have so much as a chance, and he ensured you were stuck somewhere you couldn't call for help when he did it.


“Ahh~ So you're the one, eh? Gotta say, not bad at all.” he purred out, holding you by your arms and keeping you pinned as his prey. “I think I got lucky.”

“L-let me go!” you swiftly begged and tried to squirm free from him, but he only dug his nails in like claws.

“Now now, don't be naughty.”


When he closed in like a growing shadow, you felt his hot breath cascading against your face whenever he spoke.

“I've picked you now, so I'm afraid you don't have any choice.”


Fear started to leak rapidly into your heart, fast and rushing like a river. You so desperately wanted to leave this place and never come back. You never asked to be surrounded by sadistic vampires, you'd just been thrown into this mess without any choice.


Now the worst among them had settled for you.



You squeaked out mere moments before he pressed his entire body snugly up against your own. It was hard not to feel...everything, when he did that, and your breath was drawn short by the sensation. Ayato, red locks and all, managed to trap you like a little mouse, being the cat about to bite.


And he intended to, indeed.


“Now there's only one thing left for me to do. This will be a first for you, yeah, but you'll be fine I'm sure. You can take it, can't you?”

He was teasing you. Mocking you. He knew all too well that you couldn't.


No more moments were allowed. You squealed and tried to break away from him but he just shoved his fangs into your neck before you could.


It was like a freezing shot at first. Then the burning came, and your screech echoed in the cathedral. Though you cried and wailed for help, nobody helped. Nobody cared to. They were only jealous they couldn't be the ones to do it.


Your neck bled openly and he lapped up every drop he could get, allowing your precious blood to pool on his tongue, swallowing it down and licking his lips clean, utterly enamored. Your taste truly was irresistible. Ayato could see why you were so coveted.


So he intended to make sure that nobody else got the chance to do the same. You'd be his little blood bank and nobody else's, that was his desire.

He had a way of getting what he wanted too.


After drinking his fill for now, he parted from your skin and gazed at you again. His mischievous green eyes viewed you oh so smugly.



“Well you know, it's as they say.” he uttered against your cheek as he came in for another round.

“Once bitten and all...”