“You can't run from me, [Y/N]~”


You had never been so scared in your entire life. The sound of his pounding footsteps pursuing you sleekly around each and every corner, through every single hallway, was like a steadily approaching death bell.


This school was as good as abandoned after what he'd done. Your classmate Karma had always been known to be violent, sick and twisted tastes manifested in him deeply enough that others could tell easily. For him to turn on all of you though...that was beyond fathoming.


The bloody mess had almost incorporated you too, but luckily he let you run.

And he did let you. He allowed it.


This was what he had really been waiting for. You were his ultimate prize, to be won after a little more effort. The rest of them were far too easy.


Though when he caught you, was he going to kill you? Actually...he had different intentions.

Killing you would be a waste. Keeping you though, now there was an idea he could get behind.


You were all he wanted now.


“Shit...shit shit!” you whimpered softly to yourself, skirting around another corner and sprinting up one of the exit staircases. It was your intention to escape to an upper floor and make your way to the other side of the building, hopefully misleading him.


Unfortunately, this particular passage ended up being a dead end. To your dismay, you found yourself facing a locked door, standing heavy in your way. There was no getting through it, and the only other way was to backtrack down the stairs again.


When you spun around though, you saw him advancing on you.

“Haa-!!” yelping in terror, you quickly backed up to the wall and hit it. Karma's hands reached out and planted themselves firmly either side of your head, his shadow consuming you. In that darkness his golden eyes glowed more cruelly than you'd ever seen them before.


All he did was look at you initially. Silently.

Yet eventually you saw his darker gestures showing. His tongue, poking out past his lips and running itself smoothly between them, over his teeth teasingly.


“I finally caught you. Now...what to do with you, hmm?”

The gun in his hand pressed up against the underside of your chin, and he tilted your head with a thrust.

“How does that feel, eh? Nice?”


“Mmm--” you cringed, pursing your trembling mouth and looking away from him. Was he going to kill you? Was this it?


Shutting your eyes tightly, you kept your head turned. Then, eventually, you felt something.

It wasn't a bullet piercing your fragile neck. It was him.


A kiss, pressed to your cheek. Your eyes flashed open when it happened, and you quivered, sensing his kisses trailing lower, planting themselves against the side of your neck, your shoulder blade, his hot breath making you quake all the more.


“Don't worry, [Y/N].”

His voice uttered lowly, sultry by your ear.

“Your my prize. I'm going to make sure I cherish you...”


Karma pushed his body against yours again, and let his gun glide down your side, shifting over your curves along in tandem with his other hand.


“All of you.”