Asuka was as fierce as the shade of her hair.


You never asked for any of this. In the first place, you didn't want to even pilot an EVA, but had become involved involuntarily because of your family. It didn't matter how well you did in the seat either, it never seemed like it was enough.


At least, not for her. From day 1 she'd seemed to have it out for you, leering at you from across corridors, bitching ceaselessly about how you were an 'embarrassment to NERV', and even getting physical sometimes. While it started out with the simple threat of a raised fist now and then, it eventually evolved into her cruelly enough pinching and punching at times.


It got to the point where you'd avoid taking the elevator with her. Several minutes could pass in there, and they'd feel like an eternity if she was around.


Yet one day, simply put, you felt sick of it. If Rei could show you enough respect despite her standoffish nature, why couldn't somebody like Asuka do the same? It was her own fault that she didn't have enough maturity to act professional around here, if anyone was worth a write up it was her.


So you decided to do something about it. Filing a report with Kaji would surely do the trick.

It was so...lethargic. Actually calling her out for what she'd been doing for months now, and watching as Kaji took it quite seriously, diligently taking notes on everything you were saying. When you were on your way back from speaking to him you silently wondered why the hell you hadn't just come out and said something earlier.




Hell, why not take the elevator from now on? The next day, you decided it was high time that you did just that. No more need to hesitate.


Stepping inside, you smiled to yourself, feeling a little cocky about it all. If she gave you any stress today then you'd just bide your time knowing that she was going to be dealt with appropriately, if she hadn't been already. Kaji had insisted he would act upon it immediately, and you believed him.


As you leaned up against the wall you sighed to yourself, relaxing and folding your arms. Today you could just focus on your duties, sure you would perform even better than usual now that some of the stress wasn't weighing on your mind anymore.


At least...that was what you had hoped for. Unfortunately, life wasn't going to be quite so kind with you. Not with her around.


The doors opened mid-way through your journey, and you looked up, instantly freezing when you saw her there. Although you sought to be confident, you couldn't deny the way she made you shake a little while you were standing inside. Just recalling all the trouble she had given you was enough but...


...Her face.

Those sapphire eyes of hers were staring through you like two daggers, sharply piercing. Where her pupils might have once been noticeable, they had shrunken to the tiniest of pinpricks, and her teeth were clearly grit within her jaw.




One simple word, dripping with menace.


Instinctively you slammed your hand out against the button to shut the doors, but she was a step ahead, her pallid hand shooting up and piercing the gap between the metal before it could shut. Ripping it separate again, she stormed up to you in a blur.


With one simple singular motion, the edge of her arm flew up and connected with your neck, thrusting you back, slamming you into the wall with an echo.

“Ghh-!” you grunted as she hit you, instantly choking under the pressure. Asuka was remarkably strong, not that you were the type to work out all that often...


“You talked to Kaji, didn't you?”

Her words came out in a seething drawl while her free hand pressed the button for the highest floor, canceling your initial command. This elevator was fast, but not that fast, and you instantly knew you were in for it.




Her sudden roar made you jolt, her pressure against your front never letting up, only growing stronger still. It felt like she wanted to straight up kill you.


“...I...I had to say something Asuka...I couldn't let this go on...” you uttered in a trembling tone, not sure how on earth you were supposed to get out of this.

“Did you, really?” she asked, her tone simmering with fury, “So you think it's okay to just ruin my life, is that it?”


You've been ruining my life for the past half a year.


Trying to get across that much, you only found yourself silenced by the way she was holding you up against the elevator wall, your neck suffering.


“...I really should kill you...” she uttered suddenly, causing your eyes to widen, “-Just thinking about the number of times you've pissed me annoying it is to even have to look at your stupid fucking face...and now you've gone and tried to ruin what I have with Kaji...”


Her teeth grit openly as if she were some feral animal. You could scarcely imagine how badly she wanted to hurt you in that moment. How badly she had been wanting to do it for a while now.


“I should have taken my chance before. I could have slaughtered you out on the field, I know far better how to pilot an EVA anyway!” the girl only seemed to be losing her cool more and more with every passing second, “You're nothing but a waste of space!”


It didn't surprise you, hearing that from her. It seemed to be exactly how she had been feeling towards you for quite some time now.


“'re right...” you finally choked out, “...I...I know you liked Kaji wonder you're mad...”


In fact, it was less a case of 'knowing' so much as it was a hazarded guess. Yet when you said as much, Asuka's reaction spoke volumes. Her blue eyes widened and seemed bewildered.

“...What the fuck are you saying, huh? don't know anything!”


“It's true then...” your eyes fluttered a little bit. Why did you have to be so damn weak? She was really going to make you faint right now...


There was a tense pause, her gaze flickering all around your face as she seemed to be struggling to process what you'd said. Then, all of a sudden, her arm moved. Air surged back into your lungs and you reached up to clasp your neck, shuddering and choking. A stray tear dripped from the strain, the relief.


“...I hate you...”

Asuka clenched her fists by her sides, looking down so her fringe fell across her eyeline, “I really wish you were dead. I really really wish you'd just go and die already.”


“...Yeah...I'm not surprised...” you grunted, rubbing your throat shakily and pulling away from the wall, “You've hated me from the first day I came here...”


Brushing feebly past her shoulder, you exited onto the top floor.

Fuck it, you'd take the stairs.


Asuka remained behind. Wordlessly, she turned her body towards the wall, listening to the mechanical hum of the doors sliding shut again, sealing her in there with all her rotten thoughts and triggered little worries.


Her fist flew out in a blur of pink, smacking metal and drawing blood from her knuckle.



Still, she couldn't understand it. Sure, she always thought that Kaji was the one too. The stubbled man was someone she fawned over as if he were her destined one.

Yet it was when you'd first shown up that things had shifted. For some reason that stupid face of yours was one she struggled to shake from her mind. You were always popping up in her head. Out on the field she couldn't focus, just thinking about you.


Only you, all the time. It was infuriating, she wanted to blame you for it somehow. Wanted to rip you right out of her life so she didn't have to think about you anymore.




Why then...did it slightly break her heart to think of losing you at all?